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LAMMA 2020 Innovation Trail

The latest and greatest agricultural innovations at your fingertips

See all the Innovation award-winning products at LAMMA by following the Innovation Trail around the event. Get up close to the products, discover how they work and speak to the winning exhibitors about how they can benefit your farm or business.

Check out 2020 winners below:

Follow the Innovation Trail to discover all the award-winning exhibitors

LAMMA Founders award and IVEL award presentation

At 2pm on Tue 7th Jan in the Farming 4.0 zone in hall 17, the judges will present the LAMMA Founders Award to their choice of gold medal winner.

The Institute of Agricultural Engineers will also present their IVEL award.

Livestock Innovation Winners


Triple X Fencing System

What appealed to the judges was the value for money in relation to its life expectancy (and if needed recyclability) of the durable fencing system.  Innovation can be simple. Every strand could be held by the catch system. Compared to timber posts the fence system deemed to offer longevity and ease of maintenance.  Compared to other metal systems – no fiddly components to break/lose.


Kuhn Intellimix

VIA a continuously variable transmission on the wagon, it allows a small hp tractor to operate a triple-auger mixer wagon, putting less strain on the PTO and engine of the tractor, while reducing stresses on the gearbox and running gear of the wagon.

Future Innovation Winners


Drone Ag; Skippy Scout

Skippy Scout is an app which automates leaf-level, real-time crop analysis using standard, off-the-shelf drones. The judging panel commented that it offers a practical and cost effective method for assessing arable crops, providing farmers with an immediate and readily accessible analysed view of each field.


Kuhn I-Spray

Via sensors on the boom, Kuhn’s I-Spray concept sees the sprayer constantly monitor the vegetation/crop being treated, resulting in the ability to target specific areas/plants which need spraying.


Krone UK; Permos Pellet Harvester

Not confined to a shed, Krone’s Premos pellet harvester development has the ability to create pellets in the field, directly picked up from the swath, or used stationary with crop fed into the machine. Pellets can be used for a number of applications such as bedding, feed or bio-fuel.

Online Innovation Winners


Emily Feed System

In co-operation with farmers, Emily has developed an application to make the task of daily calculations for livestock feeding easier.

In addition, the Emily Feed app is said to offer time savings, reduced duplication of recurring tasks, and improved accuracy of distributed quantities.

Each day, the user selects the ration that they wish to distribute and input  the number of animals within the group.

The application then automatically calculates the necessary quantities of each ingredient according to the number of animals that have been entered. The app is also free.


Hit Energy Guard

HIT’S Energy Guard is a system designed to ensure all solar panels are generating as much green energy as possible, operating as close to as 100 per cent efficiency as possible.

Diversification Innovation Winners


JRH Water Management Ltd; Rainwater Harvesting  

Improving the quality of stored water, JRH Water Management has come up with a solution to combat the inherent problems with storing water for prolonged periods of time. Able to treat bacteria and pathogens, it means the water can be stored for longer and is more useful as a result, claims the firm. Suited to several applications, including spraying and irrigation, the company also adds that the resulting clean water is safe for humans. In addition, because the water is treated, it means larger volumes of water can be sotred in one place without fear of contamination, says the company.


TTI Milkwaukee Tools; Heated Jacket

As the name suggests, the M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket has been designed to keep wearers warmer throughout the colder months of the year. It also features a built in USB port to charge a phone.

Driven Innovation Winners


Westermann Weed Ripper

Negating the use of chemical weed control and/or pressure washing, the Westermann Weed Ripper is designed to rip thick weeds out of pavements and other similar surfaces. Powered by a Honda engine, it is equipped with 12 braided wire brushes which repeatedly attack the weeds from all angles. Additionally, it will remove any moss or dirt that resides on the surface. Complete with a safety guard, it can be removed or lifted when up against kerb edges, for example.

Arable Innovation Winners


Razorback Ltd; RT 500 & Trailed Harrow

With a cutting width of 5m, the Razorback RT 500 features three triple-blade rotors driven by a 250hp driveline to provide ample power.

Partnered by a specially developed trailed flexible tine harrow this combination is useful in arable crops, chopping and distributing straw and providing good cultural control of slugs and flushing weeds.


Kuhn TWINPACT double plunger

Designed for its high density, larger square balers, the system is said to offer increased bale densities of up to 25 per cent, compared to conventional single plungers.


ICL H2Flo Water Conservation Agent

Improving water use efficiency, H2Flo is a water conservation (wetting) agent that alters the surface tension of water leading to claims of improved water infiltration into soils, enhanced moisture distribution within the soil profile and improved water retention

Silver & IVEL Award

JC Machinery Vredo CDS

Extending the use of its Agri Twin and Agri Air grassland over seeders, Vredo has developed versions which allows the direct disc drills to also drill cereal crops

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