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Press Facilities

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We have a dedicated press office on site; it will be available for all press personnel at the front of hall 18 (access from the Atrium) to use between the hours of 8.30am – 4.30pm on both days of the event.

For any press enquiries, please contact Reverberate PR


Register for your press pass here


You must comply with the following rules when filming at all NEC Group venues.

  1. You may only film/carry out connected activities after you have received written consent from the NEC Group PR & Communications team (the “Communications team”)
  2. Filming can only take place outside of halls and arena bowls in tenancy at times, dates and areas approved by the Communications team in writing.
  3. No filming is permitted within halls and arena bowls in tenancy for events, exhibitions, conferences or shows unless you obtain the prior permission of the relevant event organiser – the decision for event-specific filming is at their discretion.
  4. Any films, photographs or recordings you make at NEC venues may only be used for the purposes approved by the Communications team in writing.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring all filming activities are carried out safely and in compliance with health and safety rules and regulations e.g. you must ensure that cables and leads do not cause a trip hazard.
  6. You must leave all areas which you use clean and tidy. If you fail to do so you may be charged a reasonable fee for cleaning up after you.
  7. You and your team must comply with all instructions and directions provided by the NEC Group (Communications team or other NEC Group staff). If you do not comply, you and your team may be removed from the site without liability.
  8. All property or equipment which you bring onto NEC Group sites is brought at your own risk. The NEC Group does not accept responsibility for the safekeeping of your property or equipment and shall not be responsible for any theft, loss or other damage to your property caused by third parties.
  9. Either party may cancel filming for any reason without any liability to the other party.
  10. You and your team must comply with the site rules for the venue.

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