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Young Engineer Award

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Young Engineer Award at LAMMA 2025 - COMING SOON!

After record entries for the 2024 awards, the Young Engineer Award will be returning for LAMMA 2025. Entries open July 2024. 

This award is a key highlight of the LAMMA Show schedule as the award looks to champion an individual or collective of young engineers who have created or worked on a piece of agricultural machinery, equipment or technology which significantly improves efficiency, profitability or sustainability on-farm. 

The LAMMA Young Engineer Award showcases engineers who have created or made changes to a piece of agricultural machinery, equipment or technology and, by doing so, improved efficiency, profitability or sustainability on-farm. Eligible entries can include:

  • Products that have been designed and fully manufactured
  • Prototypes in development
  • Concepts in the initial stages of development
  • Existing products that have been modified, providing they have substantially improved the efficiency, productivity and/or sustainability of the product.

2024 Young Engineer Award Winner

Ieuan Evans, Storth Machinery

The idea for the Smart Slurry Pump came from ‘countless hours’ operating a tractor driven umbilical slurry pump on his family’s dairy farm in Aberystwyth, Wales. He developed a prototype as part of research towards his Masters in agricultural engineering at Harper Adams University. After graduating he took up a role as engineering and technical manager for Storth Machinery where he continued to develop the pump.

The Smart Slurry Pump is a real time telemetry system that monitors key information from a remote-controlled tractor and umbilical slurry pump, and then relays this information to the remote operator at the applicator end of the umbilical pipeline (dribble bar/trailing shoe etc). By providing more information to the remote operator of the Smart Slurry Pump, the system provides several financial and environmental benefits. These include a reduced labour requirement, better utilisation of the existing tractor fleet, increased fuel economy per m3 of slurry pumped and closer monitoring of pumping operations to prevent slurry bursts or leaks.

Ieuan said: “It is a brilliant feeling to be recognised within the industry. A lot of hard work over many years went into creating the Smart Slurry Pump, but the journey has really helped me progress my career in a short space of time.

“The project started during my time at Harper Adams, where a lot of the novel work was done, and I continued to develop it at Storth Machinery, where the full vision was realised. There is still lots of work to do though. We are aiming to increase the system’s monitoring capability to reassure the user that the pump is working as intended, as well as helping them to manage fuel efficiency and observe any anomalies.”

Presenting the award, Toby Whatley, Head of Machinery and Farm Technology at Farmers Guardian commended Ieuan’s perseverance. “We were impressed by your determination in developing the Smart Slurry Pump, seeking a solution right through from your education to your start in the industry.”

Previous winners

Young Engineer Award Winner 2023

Young Engineer Award Winner 2023

Daniel Broderick

Daniel Broderick, from Omagh, was revealed as the 2023 winner for his Cubi-Care machine. The machine, which Daniel has been working on since 2013, makes the process of cleaning dairy cow cubicles much quicker and easier.

Cubi-Clean will sweep the cubicle clean, scrape the slats and also rebed the cubicle all in one pass! The machine has proven to save time and costs in various ways. It uses bedding material much more efficiently and effectively by producing an even spread. Also with the highly effective brushing and bedding customers have found much lower somatic cell counts in their herd since using the machine over manual methods.


Young Engineer Award Winner 2022

Young Engineer Award Winner 2022

Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies, of Davies Technology Ltd in Powys Wales, was announced as the 2022 award winner for his feed buckets based on a shear grab design.

The design of the shear grab bucket allows the user to mix within the bucket, ensuring the delivery of a mixed ration. The product is focused on forage quality whilst keeping costs low. The judges were particularly impressed by his understanding of the market and knowledge of the equipment and training needed to make this product a commercial success.

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