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12 Jan 2023

Pentair Hypro EU Ltd wins the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) Ivel Innovation Award

Pentair Hypro a supplier of pumps, nozzles and sprayer components to sprayer manufacturers and distributors around the world, has won the Ivel Award for best new product or environmental innovation at LAMMA 2023.

Presenting the award at LAMMA Charlie Nicklin CEO of IAgrE said:

“Safely handling agricultural chemicals has been an industry challenge for many years, not only from an operator safety perspective, but also making sure we’re mindful of waste, recycling and the effect on the environment.

Pentair have very much solved the industry need with their innovative new system, which longer term will be adopted by chemical and equipment manufacturers. Their novel close-coupled transfer system allows chemicals to be decanted into the sprayer and the containers washed without the operator having any contact with the contents or even having to open the container. This winning solution protects operators, reduces waste and demonstrates professional practice, whilst caring for the environment. A clear engineering solution.”

Roger James, Product Manager for Cleanload Nexus, who was presented with the award at LAMMA said:  "I am delighted to receive this award on behalf of Pentair Hypro and for the recognition that this important new technology is receiving"

Cleanload Nexus is a mechanical device for closed transfer of agrochemicals. Used with a compatible easyconnect cap, it will open a container, remove the contents (fully or partially) into the sprayer tank, and then clean and reseal the container.

It is designed to protect sprayer operators from the splashes and spills that inevitably occur when pouring from a bottle, but without slowing down or adding complexity to their filling operations.

It can be plumbed into any sprayer that has suction (usually drawing from the bottom of an existing induction bowl) and may be permanently mounted on the sprayer, or alternatively on a wall, stand or bracket (in which case it is connected to suction during filling using dry break couplings and also to clean water for rinsing).

Pentair Hypro EU Ltd is confident the easyconnect cap will become the industry standard across Europe over the next few years. When the user is ready to use the chemical, all they have to do is to remove the dust cap from the container, invert it and locate the cap onto Cleanload Nexus, no unscrewing or adaptor is needed because the cap comes out of the factory pre-fitted to the container.


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