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19 Dec 2023

LAMMA Innovation Award finalists revealed

LAMMA Innovation Award finalists revealed

The shortlist for the LAMMA Innovation Awards 2024 has been announced, which recognise and reward innovation and celebrate cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Spanning five categories - Arable, Digital, Future Farming, Livestock, and Environmental - the shortlist for the LAMMA Innovation Awards 2024 is:

Arable Innovation

Knight Farm Machinery MAXImizer PRO

The MAXImizer PRO sprayer aims to increase operator safety and reduce chemical wastage. With 21% less pipework than previous sprayers, the SRV (sprayer retained volume) is reduced which increases sprayer hygiene, operator safety and clean out time.

Grange Machinery 6m Strip-Till Preparator

Designed by listening to farmers who wanted to perfect the establishment of maize, OSR and Sugar Beet, the machine is the only of its kind to offer ‘on the move’ hydraulic adjustment. With several unique features, the Preparator gives growers choice and flexibility on when they want to drill and establish in the best field conditions.

Väderstad TopDown with E-Services

Designed for farmers using Väderstad TopDown cultivators, the E-Control is an iPad-based system which streamlines workflow and makes operations more efficient. Operators can use the system to adjust individual working depths, fine-tune the intensity of the discs, tines, levellers and packers, and store machinery configurations tailored to specific field requirements.

Digital Innovation

KRONE SmartBale App

The SmartBale app is aimed at farmers, contractors and hauliers for use during the bale collection process within their forage and cereal harvest operations. The app aims to simplify the baling process by making it easier to locate bales when collecting them from the field and by sorting bales using their moisture level to prevent storage of crops that are too moist.

TIAH (The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture) Online Membership

TIAH’s innovative new online service is a digital skills and careers platform which has been designed for farmers and growers. The purpose of the online service is to make training and professional development opportunities quicker and easier for individuals to find, access and record, and to support new talent in joining the industry.

Herdwatch Grass & Crops

Grass & Crops is designed to streamline and enhance farm operations, and integrates seamlessly into the Herdwatch app. Some of the key features include Digital Field Records, Soil Health Data, NPK Tracking, Seeding Events, High-Resolution Maps, Spray and Fertilizer Records, and Task Management and Reminders.

Future Farming Innovation

Polaris Ranger Kinetic

The world's first fully connected, truly capable Farm UTV. The Polaris Ranger Kinetic is the first battery utility vehicle on the market with capability beyond that of its internal combustion engine counterparts. With an equivalent 110hp drive train and over 60mph speed, the Ranger Kinetic is a powerful Utility Vehicle which can be fully charged from 0-100% in as little as three hours.

New Holland T7.270 Methane Power

The New Holland T7.270 Methane Power is the world's first production intent high horsepower Methane Powered Tractor. It is the culmination of a multiyear development project to create and bring to market a tractor over 250hp. The tractor is specifically aimed at Bio digester businesses and large farms that need greater power alongside the most advanced technology and comfort available.

SpreadPoint SX-A Auger

SpreadPoint’s SX-A Auger system is a new lime and powder material applicator which applies fine particle materials to land with zero dust and waste, and excellent precision. The revolutionary system has transformed how lime and powder materials are spread, giving the user the ability to apply materials in any weather conditions.

Livestock Innovation

Spread-a-bale The ST (Side Throw)

The ST is a new option for Spread-a-Bale’s M Range of straw spreading machines. The system can be used on narrow front mounted material handler models, allowing a discharge of straw to either the left or right with minimal dust. Specifically designed for buildings with narrow access, The ST can reduce labour by up to 75% and straw by up to 50%.

Greenhill Systems Heatguard Evolution Sheeting

A cladding system which can be used on all types of livestock building, Heatguard Evolution Sheeting has numerous innovative advantages. The material reduces heat build-up within the building and creates a light, airy space, reducing the need for lights. Livestock housed under the Heatguard Evolution has increased production, as well as reduced fertility and health problems.

Teemore Engineering Magellan Flooring

A high-quality rubber flooring option, Magellan Flooring offer numerous benefits for cow housing. It can reduce ammonia emissions by up to 40%, to improve air quality and create a healthier environment for both animals and workers. The flooring is also designed with animal comfort and safety in mind, with the thick but flexible dry rubber material featuring groves to reduce slipping.

IAgrE Ivel Best Environmental Award

Kverneland PUDAMA

PUDAMA ensures high yields in row crops with both reduced input and environmental impact. Using the system, both the amount and location of fertiliser application can be precisely defined. This specific application means that both fertiliser loss and leaching can be avoided.

Manitou MLT 625e

The Manitou MLT 625e is the first electric telehandler dedicated to the agricultural market. As a compact telehandler with no exhaust emissions, it can easily work inside farm buildings, around animals or in greenhouses. The MLT 625e can also be charged using both mains power and using electricity produced by on-farm solar panels.

SpreadPoint SX-A Auger

SpreadPoint’s SX-A Auger system is a new lime and powder material applicator which applies fine particle materials to land with zero dust and waste, and excellent precision. The environmental benefits of using the SX-A Auger System are long-term, with the more precise application of lime reducing pollution and increasing efficiency.

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