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Claydon to launch two new products at LAMMA 2016

Claydon to launch two new products at LAMMA 2016

07 December 2015

Claydon Drills (www.claydondrill.com), the world's leading experts in Direct Strip Seeding technology, will launch two new products at LAMMA 2016 (Hall 6, Stand No. 624). In addition to the Claydon Hybrid T4 4m trailed drill the company will also show the Claydon TerraStar, a simple, low cost, low disturbance, shallow cultivator.


Claydon Hybrid T4

Claydon Hybrid T4



















The Claydon Hybrid T4 4m trailed drill is based on the pioneering system which the company has perfected over the last 13 years and builds on the success of the company's existing range of drills. It can be used to deliver seed only or a combination of seed and fertiliser, a system which is becoming increasingly popular with farmers and agricultural contractors throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Simple to set up, easy to use and with very low operating costs, the Hybrid T4 will sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across the widest range of soils, conditions and crops. This enables owners to handle any crop establishment situation with just one drill and at a much lower level of capital investment.



Versatile, flexible, simple and with low operating costs, the Hybrid T4 incorporates 13 individually adjustable tungsten carbide leading tines which eliminate compaction, aerate the soil, optimise drainage and create tilth for the seeding zone. The following seeding tines create additional tilth and place the seed at exactly the required depth, above the drainage channel. This highly effective system encourages very deep, complex rooting structures to develop quickly, which minimises soil erosion and ultimately leads to stronger, healthier crops with improved yield potential.


Delivering an average seasonal output of 1100ha behind a tractor of at least 149kW (200hp), the Hybrid T4 is carried on the lower link arms and incorporates a 3500-litre hopper which can be used just for seed or provide a 60:40 split between seed and fertiliser. Measuring 7.92m long and 2.95m high, the new model incorporates seven support wheels which are fitted with 10.00/75-15.3 deep-cleated tyres that run on clean, dry, uncultivated ground to ensure even seeding depth, the weight of the hopper being carried on a separate frame.


Folding to 3m wide for transport, the Hybrid T4 weighs approximately 6000kg and is equipped with single-point depth control, Accord metering, RDS Artemis control system which provides variable rate seeding, hydraulically-driven fan, Claydon-designed metering heads for improved flow and seeding accuracy, together with a tramline kit. The double rear toolbar can be equipped with a range of press wheel and harrow configurations to fully cover the seed and leave the soil smooth and level.  


Options include four cameras to enable the operator to monitor the drill from the tractor cab, six work lights, a range of seeding tines to suit different crops and conditions, blockage sensors and a front tool bar to carry cutting discs or press wheels.


Claydon TerraStar

Claydon TerraStar

The Claydon TerraStar perfectly complements the Claydon Straw Harrow to provide farmers with a simple, low-cost, low disturbance, shallow cultivation option. Operating at 15km/h, it creates an ideal tilth which encourages volunteers and weeds, including blackgrass, to chit, while also assisting with drainage.


Like other Claydon products the TerraStar is fast, efficient, effective and has a minimum of wearing parts, making for extremely low-cow operation. Weighing 1750kg and with a working width of 6m, the TerraStar is equipped with two knife bars on each side and, as its name suggests, incorporates 'star' points which pluck divots from the top layer of soil to create a shallow cultivation effect. Claydon suggest using the TerraStar behind a tractor with at least 110kW (150hp) to achieve the forward speed required for optimum results and put the machine's hourly work rate at approximately 9ha. Operating depth can be adjusted to allow multiple passes in the field and a rear consolidation option will be available to achieve optimum results.


Terra Star can be used as a mechanical weeder, with multiple passes reducing the need for glyphosate, as well as for stubble management and reducing slug populations. Folding to 2.8m for road transport, it costs from £15,000 + VAT





Julian Cooksley, Cooksley Communications:

T: 07899 904047 E: Julian.Cooksley@btopenworld.com


Rachel Durrant, International Marketing & Communications Manager, Claydon:


T: +44 (0) 1440 820327 E: Rachel. Durrant@claydondrill.com


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