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05 Apr 2022


  • Silotite1800
  • Silotite1800
Silotite1800 Silotite1800

Silotite offers contractors several benefits including
more bales per reel, time savings and enhanced
silage quality. Silotite is manufactured using the
latest raw materials and advanced manufacturing
techniques that enhance the essential characteristics
of silage stretchfilm.
Its unique sleeve packaging means that Silotite has
less packaging material, with no bulky boxes to
move around and recycle separately. The packaging
is made of the same material as the film inside, so
it can all be recycled together. No separation of
recycling materials is needed.


  • 20% more film per reel 
  • 20% more bales 
  • 20% less reels required 
  • 20% less transportation and storage 
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