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30 Mar 2022


  • Polysulphate
  • Polysulphate
  • Polysulphate
Polysulphate Polysulphate Polysulphate

What is Polysulphate?
ICL Polysulphate is derived directly from the natural mineral Polyhalite, which is mined, crushed and screened at Boulby Mine, North Yorkshire and then distributed around the world.

The composition of Polysulphate includes 48 per cent sulphur, 17 per cent calcium, 14 per cent potassium and 6 per cent magnesium, meaning that along with the essential sulphur, the fertiliser also provides vital nutrients that help to optimise crop health. 

However, it is not just the individual nutrients contained within Polysulphate that make it so effective. The unique way the product makes those nutrients available to the crop is also incredibly important for maximising crop health and yield. 

By releasing its nutrients slowly over time, a single Polysulphate application early in the year will ensure plants are kept nourished throughout the entire growing cycle. 

In addition to the prolonged release of nutrients, Polysulphate has many other advantages that make it a unique and highly effective fertiliser for all types of cereal, vegetable and grass crops. It is certified organic, low in chloride and has a very low salinity index, so is suitable for use on crops that are sensitive to chloride and salt. It is also pH neutral.

Come and talk to how Polysulphate can:

  • improve soil health and provide balanced nutrition
  • increase nutrient use efficiency
  • boost biomass on average by 35%
  • grow yields and profits
  • lower your carbon footprint

Avilable as a blend, or straight, from local distributors. 

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