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17 Nov 2021

McHale Fusion 3 Pro

  • McHale Fusion 3 Pro
  • McHale Fusion 3 Pro
  • McHale Fusion 3 Pro
McHale Fusion 3 Pro McHale Fusion 3 Pro McHale Fusion 3 Pro

McHale Fusion 3 Pro

The McHale Fusion range has become the machine of choice for Farmers and Contractors around the world. Last season, McHale offered 3 models in the Fusion Range, The Fusion 3 entry level machine, The Fusion 3 Plus with film binding technology and the Variable Chamber Fusion Vario, capable of making a bale from 2’6” up to 5’6”.

To date, the Fusion 3 and Fusion 3 Plus fixed chamber models have been the most popular machines in Ireland and are noted for their patented bale transfer, high speed vertical wrapping ring and strong resale values.

Like the Fusion 3 and the Fusion 3 Plus, standard features on the McHale Fusion 3 Pro will include;

  • 2.1m Pick-Up
  • High Capacity Rotor
  • 25 Knife Chopper Unit
  • Unique Bale Transfer
  • High Speed Vertical Wrapping Ring
  • Knife Pressure Display
  • Knife Position Sensor
  • Drop Floor Unblocking System
  • Drop Floor Sensor
  • 18 Roller Bale Chamber with Heavy Duty Shafts
  • 50mm Double Row Chamber Bearings
  • Heavy Duty Chains
  • High Performance Netter Unit
  • Automatic Progressive Greasing System
  • Hydraulic Cut & Holds
  • Film Break Sensors
  • Continuous Oiler System
  • Fully Automatic Cycle

At this year’s Grass & Muck, McHale will launch the latest addition to the Fusion Range – The McHale Fusion 3 Pro. This machine slots in between the McHale Fusion 3 and the McHale Fusion 3 Plus, giving the operator access to a lot more options such as net & density adjustment, bale moisture recording, bale weighing system and cameras.

Kieran Hughes - McHale UK Sales Manager said:

“The McHale Fusion range of integrated baler wrappers are recognised worldwide for their unique patented bale transfer, vertical wrapping ring and high output. The McHale Fusion 3 Pro provides new levels of operator comfort with its large touch screen monitor, in-cab net and density adjustment, inbuilt camera, and faster wrapping speeds along with a host of other features.”

Like the Fusion 3 and Fusion 3 Plus, the Fusion 3 Pro shares the McHale patented bale transfer, which is noted for its reliability, speed and positive bale transfer in hilly conditions.  

The operator can adjust bale density and the number of layers of net from the comfort of the tractor cab.

On the McHale Fusion 3 Pro the wrapping speed has been increased by 20%, allowing the machine to apply 4 layers in approximately 18 seconds or six layers in 24 seconds; this ensures the baler output is not restricted by the wrapping speed.

iTouch Control Console with touch screen

The operators link to this efficient machine is the iTouch Control Console with its large 7” touch screen monitor. The McHale Fusion 3 Pro comes fitted with a camera as standard to monitor the transfer and wrapping operation at the rear of the machine. The camera image automatically displays on the 7” monitor in the tractor cab at key points throughout the cycle - when the bale is being transferred to the wrapping table, at the beginning of the wrapping cycle and when the bale is about to be tipped. The iTouch control console has a second camera input if required. 

From the iTouch console, the operator can adjust bale density and the number of layers of net from the comfort of the tractor cab.

Other new features include:

An Automatic Drop Floor Reset as standard. If a blockage occurs the operator can press one button on the iTouch which lowers the floor. After the PTO is re-engaged and the blockage is fed through, the drop floor will automatically raise and the knives will reset to their original position.

An Automatic Knife Drop Feature can be enabled from the iTouch control console in the cab. This allows for the operator to chop the grass until the bale is 95% complete, at which point the machine will automatically drop out the knives, which depending on the feeding method improves fodder distribution, keeping the bale neater when the net is removed.

An End of Wrapping Roll Function – this allows the bale to be rolled after wrapping has finished to ensure the plastic is bound tightly to the bale.

A Bale Tip Speed Adjustment can be adjusted from the tractor cab, which is particularly beneficial on undulating ground conditions when the machine is fitted with a side tip to place the bales on their ends.

An Output for Controlling a Crop Additive Applicator is featured on the iTouch control console. Once the operator has the PTO running this will engage an aftermarket crop additive applicator. During the application of the net and transfer of the bale, the applicator will automatically switch off in order to avoid the wastage of additive. An optional headland management kit is also available to detect when the pickup is raised at headlands and switch off the applicator to avoid further wastage of additive.

A “Reset Total Reminder” to prompt the operator to reset the customer total when changing between fields.

A USB Export Feature allows for the bale totals and customer details for each individual customer to be exported to a USB, providing for a seamless transfer to the farmers or contractors’ records.

A suite of additional optional features can be fitted to the machine to monitor bale moisture content and bale weight. Should the operator wish, the machine can also be fitted with a printer so that a customised receipt can be given to the customer featuring:

  • Customer Details
  • Number of Bales
  • Chopped or Non-Chopped Bale Details
  • Wrapped or Un-Wrapped Bale Details
  • Average Bale Moisture Content
  • Average Bale Weight 

Optional Extras

There are a number of additional optional extras available on the McHale Fusion 3 Pro which include:

Bale Weighing System - If the machine is fitted with the optional bale weighing system, this reading will also be displayed on the iTouch screen. The bale weighing system records the weight of each bale and the average bale weight for the job is displayed in the customer profile section on the iTouch control console.

Bale Moisture Recording – If a customer specifies their machine is to be fitted with the optional bale moisture recording system, a figure will be displayed as an average moisture content reading of the bale on the iTouch control console. This average value is then accumulated in the on-screen customer profile.

Optional Receipt Printer - An optional printer is also available to allow for a customised receipt to be printed which includes information on customer details, number of bales, chopped or non-chopped bale details, wrapped or un-wrapped bale details, average moisture content and average bale weight.

Camless Pick Up – 6 tine bars fitted with a double crop roller.

Selectable Knives - two banks of knives with 0,12,13 or 25 knife chopping options.

Net Loading Device – McHale introduced this very popular option in 2019 to make net loading much more user friendly.

Side Tip can be fitted to the machine to place the bales on their ends as they are tipped. This is beneficial when working in stalky crops where the customer does not want the bale to get damaged or roll.

Tyres – McHale offer a number of tyre upgrades depending on customer preferences and ground conditions.

Kieran Hughes - McHale UK Sales Manager said:

“A number of customers have used the moisture sensor, bale weighing system and printer over the last two years. People who have used it really like it, as it allows them to give the customer a customised print out as they leave the field with the number of bales, the chopping, the dry matter and the weight.”

The McHale Fusion 3 Pro uses net to bind the bale in the chamber and features a host of new features to benefit operator comfort, machine functionality and offers the option to record unrivalled levels of data.

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