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Is it time to change how we talk about mental health challenges in farming

18 Jan 2024
Seminar Theatre (Hall 18)

By FCN and Guest Panel

It's important we recognise the problems people in farming are facing and help those in need of support.

But is it time to change how we talk about mental health challenges in farming?

While this can be a highly pressured industry, there's a lot to love about farming - how do we remind ourselves of this in the face of a negative news cycle and market pressures outside of our control?

Are we at risk of putting people off being part of our industry? How do we ensure we continue to attract the best and diverse new talent and support them on their career journey?

And how do we address the root causes of stress and anxiety and not be content at just responding to the resulting impact on wellbeing?

This panel debate will explore these questions and will consider how we can come together as a community to move the conversation in a more positive direction.

The discussion will be led by The Farming Community Network (FCN), a voluntary organisation and charity that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in farming and provide support at times of difficulty and change.

Olivia Midgley, Editor - Easy Compute
Charles Anywan, Arable Farmer
Stuart Roberts, Arable and Livestock farmer
Hannah Garner, Community Development Officer - Papyrus

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