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In defence of farmers: debunking agriculture's greatest myths

10 Jan 2023
Hall 6, Stand 740

Guest speaker: Andrew Ward MBE, Founder of Forage Aid

Topic overview:
British farmers work to some of the highest standards in the world. But media reports and activists can paint farmers in a negative light, holding them accountable for global issues and at times representing them unfairly. We often hear:

“Farmers don’t care about their animals”

“Farming is causing climate change”

“You can’t go into farming if you don’t have a farming background”

New research by The Farming Community Network has shown how a lack of public understanding and appreciation for farming can contribute to mental ill-health.

This session will debunk some of the popular myths that surround farming, giving farmers the opportunity to highlight the many ways they’re protecting the environment and the enormous work that goes into providing high-quality animal welfare. It will also showcase how agriculture is an industry that welcomes people from different backgrounds, including those taking their first steps into this challenging but immensely rewarding way of life.

Chair(s): Alex Phillimore (FCN) & Annie Winn (Addington Fund)

Other panel guests: Will Roobottom of Cowley Hill Farm

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