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01 Dec 2022

Understand tractor health before engine remapping

Understand tractor health before engine remapping
Understand tractor health before engine remapping

Professional engine remapping is an increasingly common way for farmers to enhance tractor power, but owners should be aware of the potential pitfalls and consequences that could occur if a tractor’s health isn’t considered before engine remapping software is installed.

Long wait times for new machinery and high purchase or trade-in costs are forcing farmers to consider machinery upgrades more carefully, and being able to increase power of existing machinery can be seen as a more cost-effective option.

Professional engine remapping edits the engine ECU at source within the parameters of the tractor and can safely tailor power to application, but should only be carried out by a professional and qualified person, that advises on understanding the tractor’s health before installing any software.

Gareth Jones, director at Avon Tuning, who offer an ECU remapping service for agricultural machines, says that testing tractors on a dynamometer, before deciding on power increases, will offer a clear indication about the condition of a tractor.

“Exerting varying loads on the engine will highlight if there are any concerns about how the tractor is operating. We would never advise installing a remap on a tractor that isn’t mechanically sound, as the consequences in doing so could be detrimental.

“If you are being recommended that your tractor, sprayer, forager or combine can have an increase in power way beyond its current level, you should be questioning how safe this is. Power increases might seem like a cheap way to boost output, but they must be done professionally so that reliability and machine health isn’t compromised.”

There is growing demand for professional remapping software, that edits many of the engine’s characteristics to increase power and torque, but also lower fuel consumption in a safe and reliable way. Avon operate a trained network of authorised agents installing remaps nationwide and import specialist Dimsport dynamometers to provide accurate tests on machinery.

Not only is establishing if the tractor is in good condition essential, but being advised by an authorised agent on safe power increases that work within the limits of the machine will maintain reliability following a remap.

“Our Dimsport dyno tests allow us to fully understand the health of a machine and what impact any power increases may have. A lot of our initial work is advice and making sure the customer is aware of the safe increases open to them.”

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