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04 Dec 2022

Reliable Low Cost GNSS / GPS For Precision Agriculture From Innovelec

Reliable Low Cost GNSS / GPS For Precision Agriculture From Innovelec
Emlid’s New Reach RS2+ Low Cost CM level RTK solution
The team at Innovelec Solutions have over 30 years’ experience in GNSS / GPS and are proud to supply reliable low cost GNSS / GPS technology for precision agriculture.

The team at Innovelec Solutions have over 30 years’ experience providing the most innovative GNSS / GPS technology to our customers.

We are proud to be partnered with Emlid for LAMMA 2023. It would be a pleasure to meet and discuss how we can help you.

Visit us in Hall 10, Booth 10.530. 


Emlid design and manufacture disruptive technology for the GNSS / GPS precision agriculture market.

Emlid’s New Reach RS2+ offers a Lower Cost alternative to centimetre (CM) level RTK solution.

Emlid’s Reach receivers come with a free, constantly evolving ReachView3 app for data management which is compatible with any Android or iOS device. In addition to this the ReachView3 app is also used for configuring Emlid Reach receivers.

All of Emlid’s products are easy to set up. They provide excellent supportive tutorials and step by step guides on their Docs Page, as well as a YouTube channel. In addition to this, the community is supported by peer-to-peer discussions within the Emlid Community Forum.

The beauty of Emlid’s Reach RS2+ is its simplicity.

Used in a two-unit (Base / Rover) setup one Reach RS2+ can be mounted on a piece of machinery while the other is ‘surveyed in’ to a fixed location somewhere else on the Farm. This enables farmers to take advantage of RTK without annual subscriptions.  

The two-unit (Base / Rover) setup can also be used over Emlid’s Free NTRIP Caster meaning that with mobile network coverage the base can send corrections over the internet up to 60Km (37 miles).

Used in a single unit setup, the Reach RS2+ does require NTRIP (Internet Based) corrections provided by a local or series of local base stations.

The Reach RS2+ provides a position output in NMEA, LLH and XYZ, supplied via Bluetooth or hard wired via a cabled connection.

As a result, it can be used to provide a position for a simple light bar app or to provide precise position information to machinery. Either solution providing a level of accuracy to tasks such as seed sowing and fertilising crops.

Emlid’s Reach products are extremely cost effective compared to comparable solutions on the market today. Giving centimetre precision, the Reach RS2+ units are enabling farmers to carefully plan their route across a field ensuring a greater reduction in overlapping and missing some areas of the field entirely. Aiding in a greater yield of crop, while reducing the associated costs with applying products to provide this. 

Emlid products are supplied safe in the knowledge that they are provided with free support, designed to provide a more in-depth view of the Emlid products and their interoperability. Some basic knowledge is required in order to integrate them into a specific equipment.

NTRIP Corrections

Innovelec are proud to have partnered with RTKFnet to offer a robust affordable GPS / GNSS RTK Network. Providing our customers with access to correction services for those who are using a single receiver unit, such as an Emlid Reach RS2+.


In addition to Emlid and RTKFnet, Innovelec offer antenna solutions from Tallysman Wireless.

Tallysman design and manufacture market leading precision GNSS / GPS antennas.

As a result of the of the newly-assigned RF spectrum bands that can interfere with GNSS signals including those for existing precision agriculture, Tallysman have developed its new eXtended Filtering technology to ensure GNSS antennas continue to provide the cleanest GNSS and L-band corrections signals.

Tallysman offer their range of eXtended Filtered XF antennas for retrofitting onto existing precision agriculture equipment.

About Innovelec

Innovelec Solutions specialise in bringing the latest GNSS / GPS technologies to market. We pride ourselves on working with innovative, synergistic, top-class suppliers to deliver world-class GNSS / GPS solutions, semiconductors, sub-assemblies, plug-in board, and total solutions from around the world.

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