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16 Dec 2022

Farmplan: Cattle Manager Go app

Farmplan: Cattle Manager Go app
Farmplan: Cattle Manager Go app allows precise herd management without requiring signal

Farmplan, the UK’s leading agricultural software specialists, has released its long-awaited Cattle Manager Go app for smartphones and tablets, allowing Cattle Manager users to access records and make notes on the farm, even without signal. 

“Cattle Manager Go is designed to support users out on the farm,” says Sally Ashwell, Development Support Manager at Farmplan. “It’s the perfect extension of Cattle Manager, helping you to improve profitability and manage your herd accurately and effectively.”

Farmers across the UK trust Cattle Manager as a tool that enables compliance and quality assurance for their herds. The new app permits sharing of data between Cattle Manager and Cattle Manager Go via the cloud. Users can choose from a long list of useful information in the desktop program and seamlessly synchronise it to their smart device.


“You can send every animal if you prefer or sort by batches and breeds,” says Sally. “You can also select predefined actions like drug treatments, movements, anything to do with health. Essentially, you have access to as much or as little information as suits you.”

Once the straightforward download process is complete, your smartphone or tablet can be used out on the farm – even without mobile signal or Wi-Fi. Details for each cow, including ID, age, breed, category, and purchase history can all be pulled up with a tap, along with any medical treatments. Each cow record also lets you quickly tap through to any next of kin still on the farm.

“You can also record data in addition to accessing it,” says Sally. “New births can be entered, along with their tag numbers, sex, and other crucial details. Any actions that have been put against particular animals are presented as a list on your device, so you can enter diary notes as needed.”

“For example, you can tick off animals as they are moved or pre-set to specify particular drug treatments and dosage levels. Withdrawal periods are also at hand. You can always be sure everything is in order without needing to be in the office – or even in range of signal.”


Once the user is back within signal range, all data is uploaded to the cloud and synced with your desktop. Each action is shown on screen with the option to make edits before saving. Multiple users can all work simultaneously without issue – all incoming data is verified to check that information remains current and correct, alerting the user if something doesn’t align.

“Cattle Manager customers have been requesting an app for a long time,” adds Sally. “Cattle Manager Go is the answer, putting all the information you need at hand on the farm. In addition to saving time and making your life easier, the app helps ensure accurate and timely reporting. It’s the power of Cattle Manager in the palm of your hand.”


With Farmplan’s continued commitment to invest in its livestock programs, another important development has been released to customers. From 4th October 2021 cattle birth, death and movement notifications in Scotland should be submitted through ScotMoves instead of BCMS. Farmplan has been working hard behind the scenes to facilitate this, making the process as straightforward as possible for customers.

Cattle Manager Go is available for iOS and Android. Visit to learn more.

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