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16 Dec 2022

Farmplan Business Cloud

Farmplan Business Cloud
NEW: Farmplan Business Cloud makes digital accounting simple for the agricultural community

Farmplan have launched Farmplan Business Cloud, a new cloud-based accounting package for farmers. This is the first entirely web-based addition to Farmplan’s suite of advanced business and accounts solutions.

Designed to combine a simple and intuitive interface with powerful functionality, this bright new addition to Farmplan’s product portfolio allows users to work with real-time financial insight and automate time-consuming manual transactions.

Farmplan Business Cloud is based on real farmer feedback to create a package with their needs in mind, using Farmplan’s deep industry knowledge and focus in the sector to put the needs of farms and rural businesses at the solution’s core.

From seasonal income, to complex VAT rules and contra entries, Farmplan Business Cloud can be accessed any place, any time.

When starting Farmplan Business Cloud for the first time, a series of prompts asks about your unique farm setup before generating a personalised interface that meets your requirements. This can then be customised as much or as little as needed. As no two farming businesses are exactly the same, Farmplan Business Cloud will guide you towards setting up the right structure for your farm. It also has the flexibility to bring together all areas of your business, even if you have diversified into non-farming activities.

For smoother management of entering data, Farmplan Business Cloud permits an automated feed from the bank. This will save time as the details will be entered automatically and reduces the potential risk of data entry errors. You can match the bank details with their relevant categories, or they can be set to follow predefined rules. For example, if a user makes a monthly payment for their phone bill, this can be marked as such and automatically categorised going forward – just one of the flexible features that creates a smooth and seamless control of your business’ finances. 

Impending changes to tax regulations will require all VAT registered businesses to use accounting software in order to record and demonstrate their financial history. Farmplan Business Cloud is prepared for this necessity, putting greater insight and control into your data, income and expenditure at the palm of your hand.

As a result of these and other features, Farmplan Business Cloud users will save time and gain easy access to their data in order to make more informed decisions, in addition to smoother and concurrent collaboration with other colleagues and key stakeholders such as your accountant. Naturally, all data is kept fully secure in the cloud for complete peace of mind.

“Farmplan Business Cloud is part of the next generation of account and business tools for the industry, backed by a support team with extensive experience and deep knowledge of farm management processes,” says Anne Cianchi, Project Manager for Farmplan Business Cloud. “Although a wide range of cloud accounting software packages are already on the market, the majority are not geared up to deal with agricultural scenarios – until now. Farmplan Business Cloud has been created by agricultural experts, for the agricultural community, and is underpinned by familiar terminology that means something to your business.”

In addition to providing the agricultural tools Farmplan’s customers require, the cloud software package will also include telephone, email and in-app support from an outstanding support team, plus training from our dedicated training department, all backed by a wealth of knowledge in accounts and agriculture.

“We know from customer reviews that our support is highly valued,” adds Anne. “We are totally committed to continuing our unrivalled service across cloud and desktop products.”

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