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Treffler-Man@Machine is official importer for Treffler Organic Machines. World-wide we work together with farmers to promote a complete line of machines for organic and conventional farms.  Our goal: to bring Treffler precision technology to farmers. Our precision cultivators give you a 100% cut turning your field back to black with as little as 2cm soil disturbance. Interested in mechanical weed control? Treffler precision harrows will be gentle on your crop by pre-emergence and early on. Later when your crop is more established, adjust the pressure and harrow aggressively to break open a crust or combat intense weed pressure. Total weed control in all crops.


Man@Machine stands for  outstanding farming practices, for all farmers great and small and environmental friendly ag machines. For mixed farms with animal husbandry, we go a step further with Shade Haven and BirdAlert. Protect your animals from heat stress and practice rotational grazing with the Shade Haven, a 12m cow parasol. Do you have pest birds on your farm, a smart and animal-safe way to chase them away is the BirdAlert. Whether you choose  one of the 30 harrow models, a shallow-cutting precision cultivator, a Shade Haven or a BirdAlert Man@Machine has you covered. 




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