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  • | Agronomy, seed treatments and farm science
  • | Balers & Bale Handling
  • | Crop processing and storage
  • | Crop protection and sprayers
  • | Cultivation equipment, drills and planters
  • | Forestry equipment
  • | Grassland management and pasture rejuvenation
  • | Hay and forage equipment
  • | Hedge and ditch maintenance equipment
  • | Muck and slurry equipment
  • | Precision farming and control systems
Baler moisture sensors, manual and automatic applicators with wet bale management. Cultivation equipment, long life bale storage tarpaulins and loader mounted hedge saws


Middle Barlington
EX19 8AG
United Kingdom
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    28 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    The new Hydrox system from PFC is suitable for all petrol and diesel engine on cars, trucks, commercial and agricultural equipment. By monitoring the engine vibrations caused by changing RPM the Hydro ...

    28 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    The Titan discs are built to withstand the hashed of working conditions around the world. With twin front depth stabilising wheels as standard providing consistent working depth at high forward speeds ...
  • Seed Bed Preparation

    28 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    The PUMA seed bed cultivator comes as ether a mounted or trailed version. PFC recommend the trailed version as the 5m mounted unit starts at 1,800kg with a rear cage roller. Convert the 5m to a traile ...
  • Subsoiling and Discs

    28 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    Three meter auto reset subsoiling leg with discs provide cost effective and efficient soil preparation ready for drilling. There are various legs available depending on working depths and the type of ...
  • Tarpaulin Cover Bale

    28 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    Bale tarpaulins for round and square bales. providing a unique tie down system designed to withstand the UK winds. Average life of 5 years making the Inland tarps from PFC superior in every way to the ...
  • Elkaer Hedge And Forestry Saws

    22 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    PFC Agri Solutions offering direct sales of hedging equipment for agriculture, forestry, railway and lawn maintenance. Focusing on the highest capacity saw heads available the HS2300 & HS3800 with cut ...
  • CropSaver Precision Baler Equipment

    22 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    The starting point to baling quality product is the new H2O precision moisture sensor. Providing the operator with accurate moisture data with no calibration required. Accuracy at +/- 1% is market lea ...
  • Hay Baling / Bale Protection

    22 Nov 2022 Andrew Snell
    With the winter months ahead hay making may not be high on the priority list but early planning and preparation will help ensure an easier 2023 season. Remember that no two years are the same and so a ...
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