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MRT Fencing

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Moreda Riviere Trefilerías (MRT), is the leading manufacturer of metal fencing in Spain and one of the main references of fencing in Europe. Thanks to its 150 years experience, its 2 manufacturing plants (180,000 m2 in Barcelona and 85,000 m2 in Gijón, Asturias), and its 400 employees, MRT produces 130,000 tons each year that are distributed in more than 60 countries.

Because they are part of Celsa Group™ (the largest private steel group in Spain and the fourth largest in Europe, with an annual production of 7 million tons of steel), MRT enjoys a unique situation. In fact, the wire rod (raw material for the manufactured fences) is supplied directly by Celsa Group™, which allows full control of all manufacturing stages. It includes drawing, galvanizing the wire, and the PVC coating of the enclosures.

The range product of MRT is very wide, starting with the XK MRT®, FK MRT® and Masterfence® stock fences. They also offer barbed wire, wire, welded mesh, panels, railings, gates...


710 Brightside Lane, ROM Building
South Yorkshire
S9 2SR
United Kingdom
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