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Industry pioneers, market leaders, three generations of farmers from Pennsylvania whom have revolutionised forage harvesting processing for greater feed nutritional value, increasing productivity and maximising customers profits.

From the 90’s the Horning Family have developed innovative kernel processing rollers, starting with the first in the industry of the saw tooth design. In 2007 the Dual Cut roller was released to the market after extensive testing and customer feedback, which became a game changer in the industry.

The revolutionary Dual Cut rollers resulted in a higher processing score to be achieved to the kernels, and at the same time the spiral cut in the rollers would enable shredding of the plant in a side-ways action as crop was pulled through to maximise digestibility.

Feed material processed this way offers a very high nutritional value the likes of which have never been seen before in the industry, this also enables chop lengths to be increased over traditional roller configurations, which would not have been possible before.

Results have shown that by using Horning rollers there can be a marked improvement in overall business profitability from enhanced milk production with a marked improvement on butter fat, animal weight and health. In addition, not only does the processing improve digestibility for animals but also has a dramatic effect on material destined for anaerobic digester plants, which results in greater and more efficient energy production.

Evolving roller design changes have been made by Horning to further improve feed material and forager harvester performance, with the latest innovative Patented design of the Fibertech Chevron roller, which takes processing to the next level for customers, for even greater profitability.

Horning Fibertech Chevron rollers can be fitted to any self-propelled forage harvester, with a specific design for maize or wholecrop/small grains. The Fibertech Chevron roller for wholecrop is an industry first, to process grains to a higher standard than others and shred the straw for even greater nutritional gains.


Coedfryn, Velfry Road
SA34 0QU
United Kingdom
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