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30 Sep 2023

Tined Weeder AS 600 M1

APV Technische Produkte GmbH Hall: 8-9 Stand number: 210
  • Tined Weeder AS 600 M1
  • Tined Weeder AS 600 M1
  • Tined Weeder AS 600 M1
Tined Weeder AS 600 M1 Tined Weeder AS 600 M1 Tined Weeder AS 600 M1

The 7 mm tines take care of the crucial work. They are arranged in a tine spacing of 31.25 mm and in 6 rows. The main focus is on combating unwanted weeds.

Functional Principle:

The tines penetrate the soil while harrowing to a maximum depth of 2-3 cm to break up and crumble the upper soil crust. This ensures better soil aeration and the capillarity is interrupted. However, the primary focus is on the control of unwanted weeds. 90 % of the weed germs are decimated naturally by pulling them out of the soil and deposited them to wither.

Benefits of the Tined Weeder:

  • Possibility to mount 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm tines
  • 20 mm longer wear tips on the tines - means longer service life
  • Higher bend angle of the tines for excellent harrow result
  • Uniform work pattern at 12 m due to the ideal line spacing of exactly 31.25 mm
  • Constant ground adaptation of the harrow sections through chain suspension
  • Uniform application of pressure by the forks on the harrow sections on undulating ground due to individual suspensions and lateral compensation of each individual fork
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