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25 Aug 2023

Software - Weighbus Agri

Griffith Elder & Co Ltd Hall: 9 Stand number: 520


  • Operation - Simple and logical operation, reducing operator training, error and the risk of data loss. As it enters the site the vehicle is weighed. The operator inputs the vehicle data and the vehicle then exits the weighbridge to collect or drop off its load. When the vehicle returns it is weighed again on the same ticket and the nett weight is automatically calculated.

  • Tare Weights - Known vehicles can have tare weights input manually

  • Customisable - Easy to read customisable tickets for printing, and note headings which allow managers to select the information that is needed. Printed tickets show sequential record number, all weighing data and data entered by default.

    The advanced features, such as moisture correction can be hidden when not required.

  • Nett Weight - Automatic calculation of nett weight

  • Moisture - Crop moisture content correction. Weighbus Agri contains a drying formula that can calculate the weight loss of cereals. This uses the true moisture of the crop that is sampled and measured at intake and the target moisture of the grain when it is dried and in the store. The weight loss that will occur during drying is calculated and saved with the weighbridge record.

    Tickets, reports and stock summaries are therefore able to show the Corrected Net Weight of the product that will be the amount in store.

  • Security - Password protected, only authorised personnel can operate.

    Embedded web server product – Log in and operate from any PC.

    Management can restrict operation and menu access as required by designing user groups and permission.

    Audit trail for every single data entry, (e.g. entering the customer onto the record) detailing who carried out the entry and what was entered.

    Software uses on-premise web server, with scheduled back ups saved to another location reducing data loss.

  • Reports - Versatile reporting function; weights, fields, crops & stores and other data are stored in the database for detailed reporting.

    The reporting function allows all or some tickets to be selected based on any criteria on the ticket, such as: date, vehicle, weight and product. Unlimited report types can be configured, for example to select all of the information for one product over a monthly period, this information can then be placed into a report.

    These reports can be run as many times as needed, or scheduled automatically. Reports can be emailed as a file to easily share with customers.

  • Records - Quantify inputs, Yields per Field and crops in store

  • Additions - Compatible with wide range of hardware. 

    The software can be linked to our traffic lights, large displays, cameras, RFID/FOB card system, road barriers and touchscreen terminals.

    Our FOB/RFID card system automatically saves data and weighs as one record. One button press completes the whole weighing function.

    Cameras are set up to take a snapshot with every weighing, images are stored in the database with weight record.

    Traffic lights and large display systems direct vehicles through the weighing process. These are fully automated and function when the operator finishes the ticket.

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