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25 Aug 2023

Single Axle Weighbridge

Griffith Elder & Co Ltd Hall: 9 Stand number: 520

Single Axle Weighbridge - Features

  • 3.5 m x 0.85 m
  • Maximum axle weight 30 tonnes
  • Dynamic (in motion) weighing
  • Ideal choice for law enforcement with our software
  • Overweight axles automatically detected

Simple to Operate - Dynamic

The Single Axle Weighbridge is an easy-to-use design. Drive the vehicle over the platform at a low speed, and the Ton-Tel™ electronics will record the weights of the axles while the vehicle is on the move.

Close Coupled Axles - Any combination of axles

Easily weigh single axle, tandem axle, and tri-axle combinations with maximum precision. Each axle weight is captured individually. The weighbridge is also recessed into the ground guaranteeing maximum accuracy, as there is no adjustment in the centre of gravity of the vehicle.

Built to Last - Rugged and Durable

Sites weighing large volumes of traffic are particularly suitable for the Single Axle Weighbridge. The heavy-duty construction and simplicity of the design guarantees a long-lasting, reliable weighbridge, while continuously maintaining high accuracy for weighing.

Easy to Install

The Single Axle Weighbridge is factory calibrated, so on-site installation is very easy. Additionally, the weighbridge is delivered as a ready to install system, so that it can be installed into a pre-prepared pit. Using a Griffith Elder pit frame can also simplify construction and ensure that the weighbridge is located correctly.

Additional Hardware

A large external LED display is available for quick and easy viewing of the weights. Using a traffic light and large display informs the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge.

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