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25 Aug 2023

Portable Weigh Beams

Griffith Elder & Co Ltd Hall: 9 Stand number: 520
  • Portable Weigh Beams
  • Portable Weigh Beams
  • Portable Weigh Beams
Portable Weigh Beams Portable Weigh Beams Portable Weigh Beams

Portable Weigh Beams Features

  • 2 sizes available: 2.8 metres or 4.4 metres
  • Maximum capacity of 60 tonnes
  • Split-weighing for maximum accuracy
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fully portable, can be moved using a telehandler
  • 2 year warranty

Simple to Operate - Factory Calibrated

The Portable Weigh Beams are factory calibrated so no special on-site set up is required. Simply place the beams into position and connect the two ramps, plug in the indicator, traffic light and large display. Switch on the indicator and begin weighing vehicles. The 2.8m Weigh Beams are suitable to weigh tractors and trailers. The 4.4m Weigh Beams are suitable to weigh tractors and trailers and standard UK articulated vehicles.

Rugged and Portable - 12V Battery - Position Anywhere

The weight sensors are a robust and durable design in each Portable Weigh Beam. The Portable Weigh Beams run from 12 Volts DC using either mains power or leisure batteries. The indicator also holds 7 hours battery life. This makes the system suitable for remote locations without mains power.

Automatic Weighing and Printing

Weighing a vehicle using the Portable Weigh Beams is quick, automatic and driver operated. The driver approaches the weighbridge and moves the first set of axles onto the Weigh Beams, the traffic light will display a red cross until the Weigh Beams have recorded a steady weight. Once the weight is recorded it automatically prints onto the ticket and saves onto the USB stick, the weight also shows on the large display. The traffic light will then change to a green arrow and the driver can then proceed to move forward and move the next set of axles onto the Weigh Beams. The process repeats. In less than 20 seconds the weights are added together, saved to a USB stick and the ticket is then automatically printed. The ticket includes the weights, date and time.


There is an additional fob system available that allows the vehicles nett weight to be allocated to a fob, when this fob is pressed the nett weight and fob number are automatically printed onto the weighbridge ticket. Without the fob system the Weigh Beams work in the same way but if nett weights are required the operation mode will need to be changed on the indicator. A weatherproof carry case also includes the indicator, printer, and USB port for ease of movement between locations. These can also be desk mounted.

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