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25 Aug 2023

Full Size Weighbridge

Griffith Elder & Co Ltd Hall: 9 Stand number: 520
  • Full Size Weighbridge
  • Full Size Weighbridge
  • Full Size Weighbridge
Full Size Weighbridge Full Size Weighbridge Full Size Weighbridge

Features of our Full Size Weighbridge

  • Lengths range from 4 metres to 32 metres
  • Widths of 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 metres are available
  • Other sizes made to order
  • Load cells chosen to match the capacity of the weighbridge
  • Proven reliability, lower total cost of ownership

Simple to Weigh - Plug and Weigh - Specialist Software

The weighbridges are factory calibrated therefore requiring no special set-up – simply plug in the weighbridge, switch it on and your vehicles are ready to weigh.

Heavy Duty - Durable - Built to Last

The weighbridge platforms are constructed using heavy-duty welded steel, and the S-Type Load Cells are durable with no movement. Therefore, the weighbridge stabilizes quickly to capture the weight. All electronics can endure adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the robust and reliable design ensures a long life span of the weighbridge and guarantees a low cost of ownership.

Twist Lock - Portable - Easy to Install

Each platform section of the weighbridge uses the Griffith Elder twist lock system to lock it into position. This provides perfect fitting with a quick and easy installation. The weighbridge can either be placed in a pre-prepared pit or mounted on the surface of the ground with ramps at each end. In addition, steel ramps can be made to accompany the weighbridge, or cast in concrete. All cables are plug-in for a quick fit.

Easy to Transport - Modular Design

The Full Size Weighbridge is a modular design so it is easily dismantled and reassembled. The twist lock design also enables the sections to be packed into a 40-foot container for shipment or stacked on a flat bed truck for road freight. The individual sections can be unloaded and positioned using a 3T forklift, Hiab, or small crane. We provide eye bolts for ease of lifting either with chains or lifting straps; pallet forks may also be used.

Additional Hardware

A large external LED display is available for both quick and easy viewing of the weights from the cab of the vehicle. The large display can also be used in conjunction with a traffic light. This informs the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge. The weighbridge can be used with a standard or trade-approved indicator. An extensive range of Ton-Tel™ Weighbridge Software is also available with the weighbridge.

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