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06 Dec 2023

Feeding Step

Teemore Engineering Ltd Hall: 7 Stand number: 658
  • Feeding Step
  • Feeding Step
  • Feeding Step
Feeding Step Feeding Step Feeding Step

The feeding step is made up of plastic blocks which fit together to form the bottom layer of the platform, providing enough strength to support the cow. A 10mm double layer, non-slip rubber to provide support and steadiness.

This brings multiple benefits to the cow, including a reduction of disruptions. For instance, the platform does not need regular scraping as it behaves much like a cubicle bed, keeping the cow's back side close to the passage. This allows for the cleaning of the shed to not disturb the cow's feeding, allowing them to increase feed intake and lower stress levels.

This product also produces an environmental advantage as it reduces the surface area emitting ammonia. The same as in a cubicle, the cow cannot get her backside onto the feeding step, meaning she cannot urinate or dung on the step.

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