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21 Dec 2023

Ascenso MDR 1000

Ascenso Tyres Hall: 6 Stand number: 330
  • Ascenso MDR 1000
  • Ascenso MDR 1000
  • Ascenso MDR 1000
Ascenso MDR 1000 Ascenso MDR 1000 Ascenso MDR 1000

Ascenso MDR 1000 - Tubeless Industrial & Construction Tyre

Multi-block tread design with Wider footprint:

  • Tread design gives wider footprint and gives excellent grip on/off road application even winter condition.
  • Offset shoulder block design gives stable and comfortable driving response both ON/OFF road.

Unique Center lug:

  • Provides Stability and a smooth, comfortable ride on hard surfaces, soft conditions even in mud and snow.

High number of blocks with high rubber-to-void ratio:

  • Provides low tire vibration and stable ride.

​Extra Strong Casing Equipped with Steel belts:

  • Higher load-carrying capacity in all applications & Improved Puncture resistance.

Special Tread compound:

  • Longer Tire Life and provides even wear both on the road and in the field.


  • 250/75R16
  • 400/80R24 (14.9R24) SB
  • 400/80R28 (14.9R24) SB
  • 440/80R24 (16.9R24) SB
  • 440/80R28 (16.9R28) SB
  • 440/80R30 (16.9R30) SB
  • 440/80R34 (16.9R34) SB
  • 480/65R28 SB
  • 480/80R34 (18.4R34) SB
  • 480/80R38 (18.4R38) SB
  • 540/65R28 SB
  • 650/85R38 Steel Belted
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