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06 Dec 2023

AquaStar Mattress System

Teemore Engineering Ltd Hall: 7 Stand number: 658
  • AquaStar Mattress System
  • AquaStar Mattress System
  • AquaStar Mattress System
AquaStar Mattress System AquaStar Mattress System AquaStar Mattress System

Aquastar Ultimate is a water-based mattress complete with a water filled brisket tube which aims to provide the best possible comfort for your cows. Each cubicle bed within this continuous mattress system has an individual water chamber; this ensures the water is distributed evenly around the cow to obtain the ‘floating’ affect, supporting optimised blood circulation and increased milk production. This combined with 35mm of high-density foam underneath the water chambers provides extra protection to the cow when rising and lying down. The Waterboard brisket provides support and comfort for the front knees of your cows, reducing stress and promoting better comfort for improved lying times. Lying down for longer improves milk production and lowers lameness within the herd. The easy to clean top surface optimises cubicle hygiene which in turn lowers mastitis levels. The use of water within the mattress also keeps the bed cooler due to conductive cooling– this is beneficial during the summer months when temperatures increase.

Beattie/Reggie Lilburn – 250 cows, 10,500 litres
“From installing the Aquastar we have noticed a significant difference in the cows. Lying times have increased and Mastitis has reduced. The cows know when they’re in the shed with the Aquastar, we noticed them heading straight for the cubicles when they enter. Cow comfort is number one priority for us, the Aquastar helps us to achieve this”

Trevor Lockhart – 170 cows, 9,000 litres
“The biggest change we noticed in the cows once the Aquastar was installed, was how clean they are, the dung just rolls off them, and Mastitis is non-existent. The cows will pass the cubicles with the old mattresses and choose the cubicles which have Aquastar mattresses. It was worth the investment”

The mattress is secured to the cubicle bed using plastic strips and stainless-steel fixings, the pouches are filled on fit to ensure the correct amount of water is added.

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