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06 Dec 2023


Teemore Engineering Ltd Hall: 7 Stand number: 658
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AquaClim AquaClim AquaClim

The AquaClim mattress redefines comfort for dairy cattle with its innovative design centred around a cooling water system. This mattress incorporates individual water chambers and a high-density latex foam base, prioritising the well-being of cows in a dairy setting.

Cooling System:
At its core, the AquaClim mattress features a cooling water system. Tubes filled with cool water run through the mattress, creating a heat exchanger effect. This not only dissipates heat from the cows but also provides a unique ‘floating’ sensation, ensuring even water distribution for optimal blood circulation.

Heat Repurposing:
Beyond providing comfort to cows, the AquaClim system adds a layer of sustainability by repurposing the heated water. This resource can be utilised for various on-farm needs, from heating an anaerobic digester to supplying hot water for the milking parlour and even contributing to residential heating.

Adaptability to All Conditions:
Designed to perform in all weather conditions, including extremes, the AquaClim mattress is tailored to meet the specific requirements of cows with high production potential. Its ability to provide bedding comfort and zoothermic regulation ensures that cows remain content and comfortable, regardless of external environmental factors.

Optimised Blood Circulation:
The water pouch incorporated into the mattress applies consistent pressure across the contact area. This thoughtful design promotes optimal blood circulation without creating compression points, particularly crucial in the sensitive udder area.

Scientifically Supported Benefits:
Scientific studies conducted by reputable institutions, including Ohio State University, Cornell University, and the University of Florida, have highlighted the tangible benefits of the AquaClim system. These studies demonstrate increases in daily milk production, preservation of genetic capital, and significant positive impacts on pregnant cows’ milk production after calving.

In summary, the AquaClim mattress stands as a testament to thoughtful design, scientific validation, and a commitment to enhancing the well-being of dairy cattle. Its unique features provide a holistic solution that goes beyond comfort, contributing to the efficiency and sustainability of modern dairy farming.

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