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JCB Agriculture Hall: 17 Stand number: 840

Introducing the new 530-60 AGRISUPER telehandler – giving you more of everything you need. Bigger lift, greater traction, and a more powerful engine meet the demands of agriculture to maximise productivity. In the 530-60, we’ve packed the power of our larger Loadall into this compact machine, making it ideal for working in small spaces such as poultry sheds. 


The new, longer boom creates a true +6m machine, boasting a maximum lift capacity of three tonnes.

  • Longer and stronger booms 
  • Maximum lift height of 6.09m on 24” wheels, or 5.97m on 20” wheels
  • Comfortably loads into high-sided heavy goods vehicle bulker trailers



The 530-60 AGRI SUPER telescopic handler is powered by the JCB DieselMAX 4-cylinder Stage V engine.

  • 130 horse power (97kW) – an increase of 19% on the previous model
  • 550Nm torque – an increase of 7% on the previous model with 4.8 Litre capacity engine
  • Emissions down, visibility up with clean air vent style exhaust system and combined, compact SCR/DPF



Not everything about this JCB Loadall has increased – we’ve reduced the engine pod height to enhance your view.

  • New and improved mirrors to further boost all-round visibility
  • All switches and controls within the cab are conveniently located for the operator
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design for long hours working on the farm



New pump and motor transmission units create a simple, precise driveline with increased pushing power. It’s an agricultural telescopic handler designed to deliver when working with muck and litter in sheds.

  • 25% increase in dynamic tractive effort performance at 5kph
  • Proven reliable Bosch Rexroth Hydrostatic drive providing a smoother, more refined driving experience
  • Two speed transmission with a top speed of 40kph



The 530-60 comes complete with JCB Smart Hydraulics as standard, bringing a new level of intelligence to its operation. These regenerative hydraulics harness gravitational forces to reduce fuel consumption by 15% - and boast a range of efficiency features to improve cycle time by as much as 20%. The future of hydraulics are here.

  • Hydraulic Auxiliary Venting: pressure release button for faster, safer attachment changover
  • Auto Bucket Control: Making emptying easier 
  • Boom End Damping: Greater material retention and smoother cycle work
  • High Flow Auxiliary: Increasing hydraulic fluid power on attachments that demand more 
  • New and improved components: An all-round more reliable machine, leading the way in the hydraulics market 
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