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  • One of the biggest British manufacturers of muck spreaders, trailers and farming machinery, Ktwo, has bought Warwick Trailers increasing capacity for production of their high-quality muck spreaders and to offer a full product range of trailers.

  • A Shropshire dairy farmer/AD operator remembers the day when his sorrow turned to joy over what he thought was a faulty flowmeter – only to later discover that it was the output created by a new slurry pump that had sent readings soaring to numbers previously not recorded by the site’s instrumentation.

    “He didn’t believe it at first”, said Paul Davies from Landia.

    “He wasn’t happy to begin with but didn’t mind admitting later that he thought it had been his flowmeter playing up”.

    The reason for his welcome surprise was that a new pump from Landia had produced an unprecedented throughput.  Some had told the farmer that it wouldn’t work for the very tough AD/feedstock application – and initially he agreed with them – but they were all proved wrong.


    ‘Maximum Output’


    Davies added: “Prior to the installation, he couldn’t run at maximum output, which was very frustrating, but now all of a sudden, what was previously taking an hour to process has been reduced to just 25 minutes – enough to make any AD operator/farmer happy”.

    Designed for a very specific application, directly on from the digestate feeder, the farm and its AD operation were almost immediately able to reduce the cost of its energy-rich feedstock.

    Established over a century ago, the 2,000-acre farm first invested in Landia slurry pump (a submersible 7.5kW) in 2003, which is still in operation. It continuously mixes what has now become a valuable feedstock, rather than a waste that must be dealt with.

    Investing in its own AD plant four years ago, the farm’s annual electricity bill was around £55,000 – but the 1.5MW of power now produced easily covers that now historic outlay, with a healthy surplus sold on to the National Grid – and excess heat put to good use for drying the farm’s bedding.

    The feedstock of cow slurry, maize, rye and sugar beet is topped up with fruit and vegetable food waste from local wholesalers – which after being held in a 500m3 buffer tank, is pumped to a heat treatment tank, before it is sent to the primary digester.  The resulting digestate is pumped to two storage tanks of 240m3 and 500m3 – before the final liquor is sent to the farm’s slurry lagoon.

    ‘Benefits the entire process’


    The high pressure 22kW Landia Chopper Pumps are designed with an external knife system that stops any solids from entering the pump’s casing.  Throughout the operation, the Landia pumps at the farm (which all run on variable speed drives to maximise the life of the impellers) continuously reduces particle sizes, which benefits the entire process.  In total, there is now one mixer and nine pumps from Landia, including three longshaft designs and four dry-installed pumps.

    Paul Davies from Landia added: “We’ve worked with the farm for a long time and wanted to help them optimise their new AD process.  We were faced with several challenges, but we’ve put our heads together and were determined to achieve the required result.

    “In the end, we found a way of boosting the pumps with an extra loop in the pipework.  ‘Live digestate’ can cause problems for many pumps and pipework, with so much extra gas being released, but our design and the robustness of the pumps means that nothing has tripped out”.


    01948 661 200





  • For over 12 years OnePay have been dedicated to helping some of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, seasonal agricultural farms and employers find a quick, reliable and secure method of paying wages to workers who don’t have a traditional UK bank account.

  • Both the brand-new, intelligent IDS NXT cameras and the powerful Ensenso 3D cameras from IDS can open up new application areas for future-oriented image processing tasks in the field of agriculture. This includes, for example, plant growth monitoring, weed detection or the recognition of certain object conditions (e.g. whether containers are filled with or without soil). At LAMMA, booth 17.254, camera manufacturer IDS will present various demo systems that explain how users benefit from these image processing solutions.



    Transport Support have developed a simple yet sophisticated system that aims to prevent contact between commercial vehicles and overhead power cables by giving drivers adequate visual and audible warning. Matthew Taylor, the company’s Technical Manager, explained more…

  • Webtec will be showcasing its latest range of hydraulic components and hydraulic test equipment including its CV120 series at LAMMA 2020. This compact combination valve provides a complete solution to hydraulic motor control for mobile machinery and reduces both space and pressure drop in machinery used for agricultural applications, mining, quarrying and construction, without compromising performance. In addition, costs can be reduced thanks to the lower number of hoses and fittings required.

  • One of the main sticking points with precision farming has always been moving data from one system or machine to another one. 

    However, with the Omnia Precision Agronomy system this is now easier than ever before!

  • It is essential that farm managers use the data they have to make the right decisions for the future of their businesses.

  • That is why we endeavour to make keeping these records as straightforward as possible whilst providing you with easy to understand management information for optimum decision making. The era of the Mo ...
  • The top-of-the-range TL43.80HF Agri telescopic loader will be shown for the first time on the Doosan Bobcat Stand No 17.310 in Hall 17 at the LAMMA agricultural machinery show in Birmingham in the UK from 7-8 January 2020. Bobcat will also show the TL30.60 model, which with the TL43.80HF is part of the newly expanded Bobcat range of seven telescopic loaders for the farming market covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.3 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 8 m.

  • Composed of two dissimilar metals, bi-metallic plates are bonded by explosion welding, a cold precision explosion that retains the best properties of both metals. NobelClad bi-metallic plates are renowned for the reliability and strength and are available in over 260 metal combinations.

  • Brothers Noel and Ger Hickey from Co. Waterford in Ireland have created an alternative drive system for vacuum-type slurry tankers rather than the traditional PTO system.

    The brothers’ new retro-fit drive system, called SafeShaft, replaces the tanker’s original mechanical drive (PTO) with a hydraulic drive system and mounting assembly.

    The Hickey brothers were concerned that the mechanical PTO (Power Take Off) systems are notoriously dangerous if the protective guarding is damaged or missing. 

  • SlurryKat Expand Duo Dribblebar Range

    15 Nov 2019 Darren Bailey

    Industry leading equipment manufacturer SlurryKat, have just launched a completely new Duo (Dual Purpose) Dribblebar range ahead of this year’s upcoming umbilical season.

  • SlurryKat Grows its Panterra Range

    15 Nov 2019 Darren Bailey

    The new Panterra trailer range consists of two lines, low loader trailers and drop side general purpose trailers.

  • UK debut at LAMMA for the new McCormick X7.624

    14 Nov 2019 McCormick UK & Ireland
    A new range of more powerful stepless transmission tractors will be represented by the top model in a new-look line-up making its UK debut on the Argo Tractors stand at the LAMMA show in January. The ...
  • Organic Farming

    14 Nov 2019 Tracy Townsend

    This mono-pitched structure, located in Reading, has been especially made for Hempen. A specialist farming company that produces organic hemp superfoods, CBD supplements & hemp cosmetics.

    Due to the complexity of there farming methods, they required a building that would optimise the available space without slowing down the process of production.

    After a lot of discussion, we were able to design a building that met the customers specification and requirements, without exceeding their budget.

  • Oko Tyre Sealants

    14 Nov 2019 Chris Ring
    For the first time, OKO is exhibiting at LAMMA – but for many years, farmers have relied upon our products to avoid downtime, expensive tyre repairs and early tyre replacements. If it doesn’t just say ...
  • Can-Am aims to influence new generation of farmers at LAMMA 2020

    Can-Am ambassadors Tom Pemberton (Tom Pemberton Farm Life), Oliver Roberts (Olly’s Farm) and Hannah Jackson (RedShepherdess) will be taking centre stage at LAMMA 2020 (7-8 January 2020) at the Can-Am meet-up on stand 6.820. 


  • Hartlebury, UK – Bepco UK has taken major steps forward to retain its position as an industry leader in the wholesale supply of agricultural parts and accessories, while drastically reducing the environmental impact of its commercial operations.

  • As your plant and equipment is used, it comes under a lot of wear and tear. Having the right coating is important to ensure the product continues to both perform and look good. At Cromadex we offer so ...
  • Set up in 1979, Murray Machinery Ltd operates from its base in Aberdeenshire, manufacturing material handling attachments for telescopic handlers, tractor loaders and forklifts. For the last 40 years they have been supplying dealers throughout Scotland, the UK and abroad.


  • See immediate benefits from our automated stacking process with improved operational efficiency, less personnel, constant workflow, improved moral and super product stacking results.

  • Leading vegetable handling equipment manufacturer, Tong Engineering, is exhibiting at the UK’s largest farm machinery show LAMMA, for the second year at the event’s new location, the NEC Birmingham.
  • JC Machinery will be exhibiting the new Vredo Crop Drill System (CDS) in Hall 17, Stand 17.430, at LAMMA 2020.


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