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Exhibitor Press Releases

Exhibitor Press Releases

  • De Lacy Executive, specialist Agriculture, Land Based Business and Machinery sector recruiters, are pleased to be attending LAMMA 2018.

  • Tractor Tuning

    22 November 2017 Lisa Ashcroft

    Tunit offers longer and smoother life for your hard-working tractors and farm vehicles!

    Tunit understands that your tractor is the mainstay of a successful season, operating long hours in the toughest conditions. Low end torque can be a very limited factor for most diesel engines but installing a Tunit system will greatly benefit your tractor or any other diesel agricultural vehicle or 4x4.

    Diesel Performance Tuning gives extra power and torque over manufacturer supplied figures by more efficiently managing the engine electrical system.  Unlike mapping or chipping a Tunit system will also increase fuel efficiency on top of increased performance.

    Having an adjustable Tunit system installed will get more out of every tank of fuel regardless of load size saving time and money, especially during harvesting, harrowing and ploughing when time is of the essence.  A vehicle working faster and quicker whilst using less fuel will greatly benefit any agricultural business.

    By better managing the engine, a Tunit system will also prolong service life of your vehicles engine and give much smoother operation.

    More power, longer between refuelling and increase the ability to pull more during harvest season, why not? Reward your tractor and treat it with a Tunit, so it can serve you longer and stronger.


  • New UF 2002 mounted sprayer

    23 November 2017

    The new UF 2002 is a newly developed mounted sprayer that sits above the existing UF 01 range. A new 2,000 l tank is integrated into a new main frame that helps to keep the centre of gravity as close to the back of the tractor as possible. To make mounting as easy as possible the front face of the tank is completely free from any hoses and brackets permitting a trouble-free coupling. The optional quick coupling system, in conjunction with the TeleSpace PTO shaft, the machine can be hitched on and off with greater comfort. A new parking system is completely integrated in the frame. As an option, the patented system can be equipped with caster wheels that remain on the machine even during operation. The new SmartCenter operator station is equipped with a large hinged door that protects all the relevant operating controls and the induction bowl from dirt and water. The inner panel of the door contains a holder for gloves and measuring jug. The new 60 l induction bowl has an enormous suction capacity of 150 l/min. An additional mixing nozzle is positioned underneath the suction aperture which safely prevents any blockage of the suction aperture.

  • WindControl

    23 November 2017

    Via WindControl, the influence of wind on the spread pattern can also be constantly monitored and automatically compensated for.

    A high frequency measuring wind sensor, fitted to the machine, registers both the wind speed and also the direction of wind and transfers this information to the machine’s ECU. The job computer then calculates, in conjunction with the information from ArgusTwin, any new settings for the delivery system and the spreading disc speed. For side winds, the disc speed to the windward side is increased and the delivery system advanced whereas, at the same time, the disc speed on the leeward side is reduced and the delivery system retarded. In this way the influence of wind is automatically compensated for and an optimum lateral distribution is ensured.

    With the aid of WindControl, larger time windows are created for spreading under the influence of wind. In heavy winds, when the system is no longer able to compensate for, or when the wind gusts are too frequent, WindControl sends an automatic alarm to the driver.

    The wind sensor is automatically folded in or out when the spreading discs are switched on or off. However, it can also be manually folded in and out.

  • Note to Editors:

    JF Hudson Ltd combines a passion for farming and an in-depth knowledge of livestock and milk production systems, with the use of computer aided design technology to provide farmers with a unique range of products and services. From an Agricultural Engineering background, James Hudson has spent the last 14 years involved in the UK dairy industry at both technical and practical levels with the introduction of automation to dairy farming. Services include a Dairy Building Design service which is completely independent of all buildings manufacturers and equipment suppliers, the business offers a skill-set that includes the ability to create Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) based on an understanding of the requirements of modern dairy cows and the experience of installing and using various technologies.  As a result, JF Hudson Ltd is well placed to assist farmers to assess the options available and make informed decisions to optimise efficiency. The CAD n Cut service allows customers to access industrial processes such as laser, water and plasma cutting and 3D printing to create, modify or repair machinery and equipment employing a wide variety of materials.

  • LEMKEN has in partnership with Dutch company Apps for Agri launched a weather station for Farmers.

  • LEMKEN will launch to UK growers the new Precision seeder Azurit 9 at Lamma 2018


  • The KEENAN name has long been associated with innovation, and this tradition of developing new thinking in technology continues at a pace within the company.

  • BROCK Campaign seed drill

    24 November 2017 Russell Brock

    A new dimension in seed and fertilizer placement. This is an innovative range of seed drill designs from 4m to 13.4m, first launched with great acclaim at the Brock Open day in November 2017. A world class seed drill that can be adapted to move with the times and the different tillage and seeding concepts that develop within agriculture.

    For further information or images, please contact J Brock & Sons on 01371 830111

  • Version 2 Dofygate

    24 November 2017 Jim Alston

    An updated version of the unique Dofygate provides enhanced remote controlled access. Battery / solar power means no power wires are needed.

  • Big things from Small kit at LAMMA

    24 November 2017 Gillian Bonnar

    UK manufacturer Quad-X will be showcasing a selection of their ATV machinery range at Lamma Show, stand R59, from 17th-18th January 2018, including their eye catching commercial spec dump trailer and ATV Power Shredder mower.  With over 100+ ATV attachments made by the firm in Co Antrim if you have a quad they are sure to have something on offer to make your jobs around the farm, yard or garden easier.

  • Blaney Machinery Innovations at LAMMA

    24 November 2017 Gillian Bonnar

    Blaney Agri, Co Antrim based machinery manufacturer, are pleased to be exhibiting at the Lamma Show - stand R59 where a selection of machinery for feeding and bedding, hedgecutting and weed control will be on display.

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