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  • Fischbein Portable Bag Closer

    26 Nov 2019 Theresa Lowe

    The Fischbein Portable Sewing machine has built the worldwide reputation of FISCHBEIN in the last 60 years. From Iceland to New Zealand and French Polynesia, from south Africa to Russia and China and customers all across the UK and Ireland enjoy its strong characteristics and durable quality.

  • Fischbein Heads

    26 Nov 2019 Theresa Lowe

    FISCHBEIN Sewing heads and systems continue to be the most popular machines to close “open mouth” bags by sewing, with successful sales all around the world. Indeed, “sewing” remains ideal for closing all kinds of open-mouth bags (jute, burlap, cotton, paper, poly-lined paper, polyethylene, woven or laminated polypropylene, nett) and offering several possibilities to satisfy all needs.

  • Tanco Autowrap at LAMMA 2020

    25 Nov 2019 Tanco Autowrap
    Tanco Autowrap will have their range of bale wrappers, handling and feeding equipment at LAMMA 2020 in Hall 19, Stand 236.
  • Ktwo, one of the biggest British manufacturers of farming machinery, has manufactured the Roadeo Compact and Push Trailer which is being hailed the next generation of trailer. It's been designed to increase capacity by compacting its contents which can achieve up to an additional 40% per trailer.

  • British hose manufacturer, Copely Developments Ltd, returns to LAMMA (Hall 17, Stand 680) to promote its range of hoses and accessories designed for a variety of agricultural uses, while introducing several newcomers to its extensive collection.

  • Kufstein, Austria – Coveris, a leading European manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, is presenting at LAMMA 2020 trade show in Birmingham, a revolutionary film solution for agricultural industry – Coveris Unterland Crystal Film. Beside several other Unterland branded silage wrap qualities, Coveris - Unterland Films offers a quite revolutionary product; the complete transparent Unterland Crystal. The Unterland Crystal quality can be used on all wrapper types without any adjustments and protects the bales in the same way as coloured film during a guaranteed one-year outdoor storage period. 


  • TEK Seating, the UK’s biggest independent vehicle seat distributor for the OEM and aftermarket, is launching a new seat for the agricultural and construction industries from United Seats.

    The Rancher LGV95/H152 AHD from United Seats is a low back air seat featuring integrated controls and powered adjustment for weight and height settings, its’ cushions provide optimum comfort levels to enhance cab ergonomics.

  • With the uncertainties of Brexit still on the horizon, specialist lender Paragon is continuing its support of the agricultural sector and encouraging businesses to stay one step ahead.

    By equipping themselves now with essentials and machinery, from combine harvesters to biomass boilers, Paragon believes that farmers can gain some reassurance before any subsidies and EU funding end.

  • Ibcos Computers Ltd., a leading business management software supplier for agricultural, groundcare, and construction dealers, is proud to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year.


  • Driven by excellence

    22 Nov 2019 Phil Westwood

    Bateman will be showcasing two of their class-leading, unique sprayers at LAMMA 2020; their RB35 and RB55 self-propelled crop sprayers can be found in Hall 11, stand 11.218

  • Front loaders and attachments made in Austria

    22 Nov 2019 Franz Hauer GmbH & CoKG

    For more than 50 years, Hauer has been developing and manufacturing front loaders, front linkages and
    a wide range of attachments in Austria. State-of-the-art technology and many years of experience are
    the basis for the traditionally high quality of Hauer products.

    The worldwide unique Hauer XB Bionic front loaders with parallel guidance and tilting cylinders inside
    the loader arms are well proven under toughest alpine conditions. The robust and well-protected front
    loaders are available on nearly all tractors up to 400 hp.

  • Inter-plant weeders take centre stage

    21 Nov 2019 J F Hudson Ltd

    J F Hudson Ltd is exclusive UK distributor for the full range of Spapperi vegetable machinery and at LAMMA 2020 with debut the companies inter plant weeder. For use on various row crops ranging from pumpkins and rhubarb to brussel sprouts and Christmas trees. The hydraulically-driven tractor mounted inter-plant weeder will take centre stage on the J.F. Hudson stand in January.


    21 Nov 2019 Philip Bryant

    Safe solutions to persistent dirt on roads

     Persistent dirt such as solidified mud, grain, dirt or rubber marks can be a risk on public roads, as well as on construction sites, in gravel pits or biogas plants. The bema scraper unit, by manufacturer bema GmbH, can easily scrape coarse and stubborn dirt off the roads to prevent road closures and even accidents, the company says using the machine in combination with the high-pressure water unit can achieve an even more thorough clean.

    The Scraper unit can be installed on bema 75 Dual, bema 35 Dual and bema 30 Dual. It is mounted instead of the collection hopper and controlled by hydraulic cylinders.

    Meanwhile the water unit can be installed on the rear of the tractor. It has a 2,000-litre storage tank and pump with operating pressure of 120 bar/50 bar. The spray bar on the sweeper is equipped with up to 11 high pressure nozzles, depending on the width of the machine.

     Hall 20, Stand 418



    CONTACT ‘PHIL THE BRUSH’ 07436272292


  • Cutting-edge plant breeding technology and its success in delivering new varieties that meet the needs of today’s farmers will be the core focus on the RAGT Seeds stand at LAMMA ’20.

  • From April 2020, the water industry regulator, OFWAT, is changing its approach towards sludge operations, by opening the bioresources market. The decision behind the change is to drive positive compet ...
  • SIP goes large on LAMMA 2020!

    20 Nov 2019 SIP Slovenia

    SIP welcomes all visitors to LAMMA 2020. With new larger models from the mower/tedder/rake and belt rake range on display. Visit us at Hall 19, Stand 19.300. We will present the following machines and some novelties and innovations … 

    Mower combination SILVERCUT DISC 1000 C with front mower SILVERCUT DISC 300 F; the rear-mounted disc mower SILVERCUT 300 S FC; eight-rotor rotary tedder SPIDER 900|8 T with 9 m working width is an entry model from a line of SIP professional heavy-duty (HD) tedders. Meet our flagship in a family of rotary rakes STAR 1250|50 T, which creates perfect, evenly shaped, and clean swaths. Increase productivity with a SIP double combination of pick-up AIR rakes AIR 300 F and AIR 500 T. We launched a new system of swath curtains integrated to the front AIR 300 F. 

    Our innovation: AIR Swath technology                                         Air Swath machines are aimed at the grassland contractor market where working speed, cleaner raking compared to conventional tined rakes is required.

  • Raindancer Irrigation Management

    20 Nov 2019 Terry Smith
  • The new 20 Series updates to the EasyDrill and MaxiDrill include a new electronics package with blockage sensing, individual row shut off and ISObus control as well as a second “Pro-Hopper” allowing 4 products to be individually metered and distributed at once.

  • DLG report: “These results show that Vredestein Traxion tyres provide a longer operating lifespan and savings of 1 euro per operational hour,” says Ruud Nijland, Division Head Off Highway Tyres at Apollo Vredestein. “For a contractor this could easily translate into 1,000 euros per tractor per year, something which Vredestein customers have already known for years.”

    Vredestein will present the tested tyres and the DLG report at the upcoming LAMMA show on 7/8 January 2020. 

  • Manitou Group will return to the NEC in January (7th & 8th) for the 39th LAMMA Show, and the second at the NEC. Ever popular in the agricultural community LAMMA is the UK's largest machinery show with exhibitors displaying the UK’s latest farm machinery, equipment, and agricultural services.

    Manitou Group’s stand (Hall 6, stand 410) will feature new and improved machines, attachments, and interactive pods explaining the many benefits of Manitou and Gehl‘ connected machines’ and machine management Apps.

    Manitou, and sister company Gehl, will display a representative selection of machines from their very wide range of telehandlers, articulated loaders and tracked and wheeled skid-steer loaders.

    Manitou Group will return to the NEC in January (7th & 8th) for the 39th LAMMA Show, and the second at the NEC. Ever popular in the agricultural community LAMMA is the UK's largest machinery show with exhibitors displaying the UK’s latest farm machinery, equipment, and agricultural services.

    Manitou Group’s stand (Hall 6, stand 410) will feature new and improved machines, attachments, and interactive pods explaining the many benefits of Manitou and Gehl‘ connected machines’ and machine management Apps.

    Manitou, and sister company Gehl, will display a representative selection of machines from their very wide range of telehandlers, articulated loaders and tracked and wheeled skid-steer loaders.


  • How Secure Is Your Trailer?

    19 Nov 2019 Natalie Speakman

    The Maypole team will be showcasing our range of trailer security products. Maypole have been supplying the trade since 1969 with a wide range of trailer components, lighting and servicing lines including security products.  We will be demonstrating our quality range of Stronghold and Maypole security products, ideal for agricultural plant trailers and welfare units. 

    At LAMMA we will be launching our brand new Stronghold Ultra hitchlock, which is ideal for braked and unbraked trailers fitted with Knott, Steelpress & Winterhoff pressed-steel hitches. We will also be demonstrating our Stronghold Apex wheel clamps, which fit a wide variety of trailer and automotive tyres. Watch the video to find out more about how easy it is to fit.

    The Stronghold security range offers Sold Secure Gold Approved hitchlocks for Avonride and Bradley Autohead hitches; wheel clamps for alloy or steel wheels and an essential must have 40/50mm towing eye lock.  For those who are unaware Sold Secure is an independent test company for the assessment of security products and are administrated by the Master Locksmith Association. Our products are tested to strict criteria and can withstand prolonged attack tests. 

    Our Maypole range of security products features hitchlocks, wheel clamps, parking posts and integral coupling security locks for Bradley and Knott coupling heads.  Maypole security products are an excellent deterrent against theft and suitable for the price conscious.  

    For more information on our full product range and setting up an account with us please visit www.maypole.ltd.uk

  • One of the biggest British manufacturers of muck spreaders, trailers and farming machinery, Ktwo, has bought Warwick Trailers increasing capacity for production of their high-quality muck spreaders and to offer a full product range of trailers.

  • Schäffer heads to LAMMA 2020 to showcase new developments across its ranges, including the UK debut of the Schäffer 23e: the world’s first compact loader with lithium-ion technology and a top speed of 20 kph. Also on display are the best-selling Schäffer 8620 T, exhibiting with the latest 136hp engine, and the Schäffer 6680 T with new style cabin and new standard wheel option. 

  • A Shropshire dairy farmer/AD operator remembers the day when his sorrow turned to joy over what he thought was a faulty flowmeter – only to later discover that it was the output created by a new slurry pump that had sent readings soaring to numbers previously not recorded by the site’s instrumentation.

    “He didn’t believe it at first”, said Paul Davies from Landia.

    “He wasn’t happy to begin with but didn’t mind admitting later that he thought it had been his flowmeter playing up”.

    The reason for his welcome surprise was that a new pump from Landia had produced an unprecedented throughput.  Some had told the farmer that it wouldn’t work for the very tough AD/feedstock application – and initially he agreed with them – but they were all proved wrong.


    ‘Maximum Output’


    Davies added: “Prior to the installation, he couldn’t run at maximum output, which was very frustrating, but now all of a sudden, what was previously taking an hour to process has been reduced to just 25 minutes – enough to make any AD operator/farmer happy”.

    Designed for a very specific application, directly on from the digestate feeder, the farm and its AD operation were almost immediately able to reduce the cost of its energy-rich feedstock.

    Established over a century ago, the 2,000-acre farm first invested in Landia slurry pump (a submersible 7.5kW) in 2003, which is still in operation. It continuously mixes what has now become a valuable feedstock, rather than a waste that must be dealt with.

    Investing in its own AD plant four years ago, the farm’s annual electricity bill was around £55,000 – but the 1.5MW of power now produced easily covers that now historic outlay, with a healthy surplus sold on to the National Grid – and excess heat put to good use for drying the farm’s bedding.

    The feedstock of cow slurry, maize, rye and sugar beet is topped up with fruit and vegetable food waste from local wholesalers – which after being held in a 500m3 buffer tank, is pumped to a heat treatment tank, before it is sent to the primary digester.  The resulting digestate is pumped to two storage tanks of 240m3 and 500m3 – before the final liquor is sent to the farm’s slurry lagoon.

    ‘Benefits the entire process’


    The high pressure 22kW Landia Chopper Pumps are designed with an external knife system that stops any solids from entering the pump’s casing.  Throughout the operation, the Landia pumps at the farm (which all run on variable speed drives to maximise the life of the impellers) continuously reduces particle sizes, which benefits the entire process.  In total, there is now one mixer and nine pumps from Landia, including three longshaft designs and four dry-installed pumps.

    Paul Davies from Landia added: “We’ve worked with the farm for a long time and wanted to help them optimise their new AD process.  We were faced with several challenges, but we’ve put our heads together and were determined to achieve the required result.

    “In the end, we found a way of boosting the pumps with an extra loop in the pipework.  ‘Live digestate’ can cause problems for many pumps and pipework, with so much extra gas being released, but our design and the robustness of the pumps means that nothing has tripped out”.


    01948 661 200






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