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21 Apr 2022

Treffler Organic Machinery

Treffler  Organic Machinery
Treffler Organic Machinery Logo
Treffler Organic Machinery is a leading global manufacturer of innovative technology that supports generative farming practices. Treffler guarantees success with farming tools for shallow tillage and mechanical weed control. Gamechanger and unrivaled in weed control for all your vegetable and field crops


Treffler-Man@Machine is a partnership between Treffler GmbH and Man@Machine. We are a sales and promotion company based in The Netherlands and specializing in Treffler machines for farmers all around the world. Environmental and people friendly agricultural technology makes us optimistic that a better future is possible for everyone who grows our food.  


Treffler Organic Machinery is a leading global manufacturer of innovative technology that support generative farming practices. Since 2005, Treffler is committed to designing and manufacturing exceptional farming tools for shallow tillage and mechanical weed control.  Our cultivators are designed to improve soil structure at a shallow working depth and our Treffler tine weeder is a game changer in mechanical weed management.  Our Treffler Mills process healthy and 100% whole grain flour, with minimal temperature increase. Treffler understands that only the most precise tools are good enough for your farm. That is why our precision agricultural and milling machinery is built for the best results and your success as a user. Get to know our machines and discover the product range. We offer you experience and quality for no-till and organic farming: your foods and crops will benefit.

Our machines 


TS Precision Tine Harrow for In-Row weed control

The Treffler harrow is unrivalled in mechanical weed control for all your vegetable and field crops. It helps you to achieve clean fields in all crop stages, from emergence to maturity.   You may already be using a harrow and understand that timing is very important for harrowing. Treffler tines contour to the field, ridge, hill, or raised bed guaranteeing that your field will be worked evenly. With the Treffler you can gently harrow in the early emergence stage of your crops. When your crop is more mature you can apply up to 5 kilos of downward pressure and harrow very aggressive. Treffler offers the widest adjustable tension range on the market. Even when weed pressure is high and the windows are smaller, the size of your machine can help to increase your capacity and stay ahead of the weeds. Treffler has a wide assortment of machines ranging from 2'7"- 95', for farms of all sizes.  With the TS Precision Tine Harrow you stay ahead of the weeds. 


TINY Treffler Series

Did you know that the TINY Treffler series is designed for small farms? Designed with the same principles as the larger tine harrows, this tool helps small scale farmers to eliminate hand labor while efficiently managing their weeds. The TINY comes in three sizes: TT80cm ( 2'7”), TT100 ( 3’4”) and TT130 ( 4’3”). Depending on the size of your farm it is important to have the right machine for the work. Although all three units are hand-pulled, the TT80 and TT100 are easier for individual work. The TT80-A with aluminum frame is now in production and  was designed to make work even lighter. The TT130 needs two people to pull it, otherwise we recommend a 3-pt attachment to a tractor. 


The TINY Series also includes the possibility to use a TSHonda , a TSSolar and a TSHorse. For  more information on these products, please contact us. 


Treffler Precision Cultivators. 

These machines excel in soil cultivation and achieve full and precise coverage when managing your fields and soil. With Treffler you will see 100% shallow cut.

The Treffler TG precision cultivator 

The TG is a heavy-duty, semi-carried cultivation tool with an accurate cut that you can adjust precisely at a shallow height as little as 2 cm. These unique tillage tools can be used the whole year round and are available with a variety of self-cleaning rollers depending on your type of soil. The TG can be equipped with standard and twin-sowing equipment. The cultivation is shallow, so a lightweight and less powerful motorised tractor is sufficient.


The Treffler TGA precision cultivator 

The TGA is the best alternative for chemicals. The precision adjustable working height with the carefully designed sweeps is what allows you to cut everything with minimal disturbance to your soil. The Treffler cultivators are the ideal systems that support no-till farming the whole year round. Back to black soil!


Treffler TF precision spring-tooth cultivator 

The TF with levelling tines allows for the perfect soil preparation and weed-free crop production from Spring until Autumn. This cultivator is available in various models with working widths of 3.00 m to 7.50 m. The innovative and patented flat steel spring tines allow for excellent level adjustment, preventing lateral deflection of the tines. This all-season machine is widely used for sowing preparation, stubble removal, weeding and liquid manure incorporation as well as for cover crop sowing.


The TSW Roller Cutter

The Treffler TSW300 (10 ft) roller cutter is designed to reduce your cover crops such as corn stubble or rapeseed as well as crop residues. In combination with our Treffler TGA Cultivator, the TSW cuts the stubble short, 1cm (0.4 in) above the surface and the TGA, with its easily adjustable depth and 8cm (3.5 in) overlapping sweeps, allows you to cut everything with minimal disturbance to your soil.


Interested in a machine?

Choosing the right machine to take care of your food and crops is a matter of commitment, experience and quality. Treffler-Man@Machine guarantees quality and reliability.  At Treffler-Man@Machine customer service is as important as product quality. Do you want to know more? Please do not hesitate to give us a call because we believe that a personal relationship with our customers helps to build a strong and trusting working relationship. 

Ana and Jos Pelgröm




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