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19 Dec 2019


Since its arrival in the JOSKIN range, the TORNADO muck spreader has rapidly found its customers, in such a way that it is now one of the most sold models in the world! Even if this success can be explained by the product concept itself, it is clear that it is also due to the constant evolutions on the machine. The year 2019 is no exception. Let us review the few novelties that were recently added to the product.

The TORNADO3 concept is easy. Its first strength relies on the design itself. It is a muck spreader with lowered narrow body in high tensile steel and large-diameter wheels. Thanks to these features, it is a compact implement providing an outstanding stability with a lowered weight and excellent manoeuvrability.

Optimised Body

Despite its specific format, the TORNADO3 body design provides a large capacity. Depending on the model, with a body height from 1,130 mm to 1,570 mm, this muck spreader can indeed have a capacity from 8.6m³ to 25.8 m³! Next to its dimensions, the great strength of this product is its very sturdy design. It has always been based on an optimised folding, which is one of the famous “JOSKIN secrets of quality”. In this regard, the brand has just announced that this folding process has just been fully reviewed in order to better bring the manure to the beaters.

Even More Efficient Discs

It is not the only evolution though. Next to the original unit fitted with vertical beaters, a TORNADO3 Horizon version has also been available for 2 years: 3 models of this version fitted with horizontal beaters are available and were also upgraded. Its spreading discs have now the same design as those on its big brother, the Ferti-SPACE2. With a 1,040-mm diameter, these new discs ensure an even better projection of the manure on large distances as well as a better crumbling. In order to help people make their choice, should they need to be convinced, JOSKIN also reviewed the 1.37m high TORNADO3 bodies (T5513/14V, T6013/16V and T6013/16BV). They are now standardized for an easier interchange of the spreading units between the vertical and horizontal versions.

Top Suspension!

The lifting is not over. From now on, the drawbar suspension has also got something new. The leaf suspension on the TORNADO3 is now replaced by a hydropneumatic drawbar with closed circuit. Shocks are in this way better absorbed and  counterbalanced. The spreader is therefore more comfortable and the matter is also more precisely spread. Finally, the spreading pattern is more homogeneous, even on uneven ground.

Further Improved Sturdiness

Various small improvements were also announced by the brand. Even if they are not visible at first sight, they allow to keep the legendary sturdiness of the TORNADO3. Among these novelties, we can find 80x40 mm slats on the moving floor instead of 60x40 mm earlier, which ensures a better resistance to flexion. The transmission shaft was also reviewed. Its diameter is now 1”3/4, instead of 1”3/8, which makes it sturdier and allows to increase the torque on the gearboxes. Finally, the folded steel sections acting as door guides were replaced by vertical tubes. The machine is in this way sturdier and also easier to maintain.

Given this new list of modifications made by JOSKIN, it is no surprise that the TORNADO has been one of the best-sellers for more than 20 years! One thing is certain: if Joskin keeps going that way, the success is far from being over!


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