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Tined Weeder Pro VS 900 M1 – The Flexible Innovation

APV Technische Produkte GmbH Hall: 19 Stand information:
Tined Weeder Pro VS 900 M1 – The Flexible Innovation
Innovative spring package guarantees optimal ground adaptation

Innovative spring package guarantees optimal ground adaptation

With its unique tine spring system, the Tined Weeder Pro VS 900 M1 adapts precisely to the ground and provides maximum protection for the crops. Thanks to the spring system, the 8 mm tines with its 35 mm tine spacing adapt perfectly to ground contours; tine pressure remains constant with varying tine levels. As a result, crops planted on ridges, such as potatoes, can be harrowed, the tine pressure is identical on the ridge crown, ridge flanks and in the furrow.

With the tine spring system, the tines can also be lifted. Compared to conventional cultivating tined weeders, the weeder tines can pivot on the frame, this offers the advantage that the tines can only deflect upwards / downwards and not to the left and right, for a unique harrowing result.

With its 1.300 kg weight and working width of 9.2 m, the Tined Weeder Pro can be operated with tractors starting at 85 HP.

Also available working widths: 1.7 m / 3.2 m / 6.2 m / 7.6 m / 12.2 m

Your advantages

  • Sophisticated tine spring system with a tine pressure adjustment range between 0 – 3.2 kg acting on the ground
  • Identical tine pressure over the entire spring deflection
  • Tines can be pre-tensioned and they can also be lifted out
  • Tine pressure can be variably reduced to zero
  • Hydraulic system to adjust the tine pressure is standard
  • Crops are protected, since the spring system is mounted above the frame
  • Bended lower link catch plates for easier coupling of the weeder
  • The wear tip of the tines is 15 mm longer than the competition for a longer service life
  • Each tine has its own spring package
  • Adjustable track width modification of the support wheels
  • Adjustable handle for support wheels is integrated in the wheel receptacle
  • Hydraulic folding with serial connection of the cylinders
  • Easy and fast tine change is possible
  • Optional: mounting kit for Pneumatic Seeder up to PS500 with hydraulic fan
  • Optional: carbide-tipped tines for a long service life
  • Optional: lighting and sights
  • Optional: support wheels in the rear of the weeder
  • Optional: manual tine excavation for protection of very sensitive crops

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