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14 Dec 2021

The Tornum IDC system can save your business time and money!

The Tornum IDC system can save your business time and money!
A recent commission incorporating the Tornum IDC system
Drying grain precisely is a complex process, but doing it correctly achieves the best possible grain quality for the best price.

Relying on manual drying can risk either not attaining the desired moisture content or over drying the grain which is a costly exercise – by over drying to 13% instead of 14% can typically add up to 20% to your energy bill!  

The Tornum Intelligent Drier Control (IDC) does all the hard work for you – IDC is a software-based control system which continuously monitors incoming moisture content and physically controls the speed of the drier to ensure the precise average moisture content of the grain is achieved, irrespective of outside weather conditions.  Labour hours are greatly reduced by not having to rely on basic monitoring systems and crucially over drying is always kept to an absolute minimum – thus having a huge impact on costs.

Charles White, Director, JWI UK Ltd, “All of our current and upcoming projects are incorporating the IDC system, so it won’t be long before our customers are reaping the benefits of this market leading application.”

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