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19 Apr 2022

Restorer, does exactly that !

Restorer, does exactly that !
Multi-use Restorer ALD-H low disturbance as drill toolbar
A muti purpose soil compaction reliever and improver for use in may formats

Restorer, does exactly that !

The Restorer low disurbance sub soiler is designed to offer multiple solutions to soil structure improvement (better drainage & rooting), compaction relief and without mixing or inverting the soil profile. It can be used in the following situations;

  1. A stand alone subsoiler with rear packer
  2. Front mounted in combination with rear mounted drills
  3. Rear mounted with optional hydraulic linkage/drawbar to pull drills or cultivators
  4. 4 metre machine can be used as both 3 and 4 metre machine
  5. 6 metre version for bigger operators

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