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02 Dec 2019

Razorback launch new range of flail mowers alongside innovative Auto-Level reach mower and RT 500 rotary wing mower at LAMMA 2020

Razorback launch new range of flail mowers alongside innovative Auto-Level reach mower and RT 500 rotary wing mower at LAMMA 2020
Razorback mower
Razorback launch new range of flail mowers alongside innovative Auto-Level reach mower and RT 500 rotary wing mower at LAMMA 2020

British manufacturer, Razorback Ltd, headed by Martin Lole, a well-known industry figure with a proven track record in engineering innovative solutions, exhibits their range of vegetation management equipment at LAMMA 2020. Alongside the manufacturers Auto-Level 550 reach mower and RT 500 wing mower the company will be launching their new range of flail mowers on stand 19.340.

The new additions to the current range will expand the manufacturers offering with the entire Razorback range synonymous with high quality design and build thanks to the decades of combined industry knowledge of their experienced R&D, sales and service teams.

High Quality Guaranteed as Flail Mower Range Expands

The manufacturer will be launching their new range of flail mowers, including lightweight solutions for the compact tractor through to heavy duty options for the agricultural and amenity user. The new range is a result of Razorback’s partnership with a well-established Italian manufacturer who like the British brand, specialise in innovative machinery.

With quality construction and clever design features as standard the new lines merge well with the manufacturers existing ranges.

Models include the RK DS Series, built with the demanding operation in mind, is fitted with a front and rear mountable headstock, double skin chassis and an anti-shock rotor. Available in widths up to 3.2m the RK DS Series is a heavy duty, high output machine for dense overgrown vegetation and grassland.

The RK DS Series will be on display on their stand G193 alongside other models from the new range.

New Razorback RT 500 Rotary Mower Boasts High Standard of British Engineering

With a cutting width of five metres, the Razorback RT 500 mower boasts solid construction and efficient rotary blade action which makes light work of most demanding agricultural and amenity operations.

As you would expect from a British-engineered product built on decades of heritage, the Razorback RT 500 has been developed with strength and durability in mind. Specifically, it features an easy-clean double skin deck and full-length removable skid shoes to extend the longevity of the machine.

Additionally, the RT 500 is fitted with the highest specification Bondioli & Pavesi gearboxes and drivelines with the latest easy lubrication system. Housed by top of the range guards, the 250HP driveline assembly provides ample power to the wing mower’s three triple-blade rotors, with a wing free float to help protect the hydraulic rams from excessive wear.

The combination of the deck’s unique shape and the triple blade configuration produces unapparelled updraft to award users a superior cut, even for a longer swath finish. The free-swinging blades have been produced out of Swedish Boron steel and a generous overlap to deliver an exceptionally clean cut and an even distribution of chopped residue across the entire working width of the machine. Debris is contained by the front and rear chain guards.

The RT 500 features four individually pressurised wheel arms fitted with heavy duty wheels on twin axles which award superior stability thanks to better cutting height control, contributing towards a smoother finish. Additionally, the RT 500’s wings offer a wide range of movement enabling the machine to closely follow the contours of the ground.

As well as the fine quality of the cut, the attention to detail on RT 500 extends to other useful features such as a MOD approved hydraulic hoses, a PTO driveline rest, full width LED lighting bar, tight turning circle and a compact transportation width of just 2.4m.

The high-end specification as standard, exceptional performance and flexibility make Razorback RT 500 make it an appealing choice for farmers, contractors, racecourses and council authorities alike.

Auto-Level 550 Reach Mower

Alongside the grass and stubble range, Razorback will be presenting their Auto-Level 550 reach mower. Featuring self-levelling Co-Pilot technology, the Razorback Auto-Level 550 reach mower has been designed to reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and reduce cost. The 1.5-metre-wide rotary safety head option incorporates a SoftStart triple rotor and additional mulching blades which are in continuous contact with vegetation during the entire 360° cycle, resulting in a much cleaner and faster cut.
Razorback’s Auto-Level Co-Pilot technology ensures that the main frame of the machine remains level at all times, irrespective of the tractor angle in relation to the undulating ground. Subsequently, the requirement to make manual adjustments to account for the unevenness of the terrain is significantly reduced, making for a much easier, trouble-free operation.

The high-end specification comes as standard with the Auto-Level Co-Pilot device, electronic proportional controls and a fully independent hydraulic system with an oil cooler. The 5.5m reach machine is available with a 1.5m rotary safety head with hydraulically controlled front hood and rear roller or a 1.2m belt driven flail head giving the operator greater flexibility to configure their own machine.


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