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02 Dec 2019


Following significant design improvements, Spearhead has launched a new generation of Multicut rotary mowers. Two models make up the offering, both with many enhancements to their performance, ease of maintenance and longevity.

The market leaders for rotary mowers across Europe, Spearhead collects a huge amount of customer feedback. This feeds an engineering team dedicated to professional rotary mower development, resulting in an ongoing stream of customer-relevant improvements.

Upgraded gearbox with five-year warranty

One of the most significant changes is to the rotor gearbox. Designed by Spearhead in the UK, major components are increased by up to 30%, with horsepower rating climbing from 111 to 165HP.

Double lip seals and a reinforced seal protector offer further safeguarding for one of the most significant components to feature on a rotary mower. In fact, Spearhead is so confident of this new gearbox, it boasts a five-year warranty.

The robust gearbox is a clear commitment to the longevity of Spearhead Multicut machines. Whilst wearing parts can be replaced at low cost, it’s imperative that the gearbox is designed to last for the working life of the cutter.

Toughened rear axles master uneven ground

Not all agricultural land is perfect and challenging terrain can be commonplace. Spearhead has therefore strengthened its rear axles on the new Multicut series.

Walking axles are now standard on both machines. The wheels are offset and pivoted, so they can roll with the contour of the ground. Stress transfer is greatly reduced, ensuring reduced wear and shock loading.

Coupled with tougher axles, the lift system has been improved, with the removal of linkages. Each wheel arm now has individual lift, so changing height is faster and easier.

Easier cleaning due to flat deck

The centre deck of Multicut 470 and 630 mowers is now completely flat. Cleaning and maintenance are much easier. Most debris will simply fall off the deck whilst in motion. Anything remaining will be much faster to remove.

And there’s more…

Countless design improvements demonstrate why the Spearhead Multicut name continues as Europe’s leading rotary mower brand:

  • Improved transport stability

The wings now fold over the centre to place more weight in the middle of the machine, reducing the risk of toppling around corners.

  • Enhanced baffling ensures an even spread

Mulch disperses evenly and incorporates into the soil faster.

  • Easier access to blade fasteners

Additional access holes speeds maintenance and blade changes.

  • Interchangeable skid shoes

One size now fits all positions.

  • Starcut blades deliver double cut

The new Multicut features the Starcut blade system as standard. Together, they deliver more chops per rotation, a faster forward speed and lower fuel consumption.

  • Multi-positional draw bar

Suitable for both low and high hitch, there’s much greater flexibility.

  • Larger tyres as standard

Delivering greater stability, and with the new aramide belt option, puncture risk is greatly reduced.

  • Floating tie bars

Tie bars are not fixed, leaving them free to float through the linkage should the mower ground out.

  • Protected slip clutches

All secured under the same guard, maintenance is much easier.

Always listening and always innovating, Spearhead continues to improve the design and functionality of its rotary mowers. Every enhancement gives better performance and eases maintenance, saving both cost and time for the user. 


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