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20 Dec 2022

McHale V6760 Fully Automatic Variable Chamber Baler

McHale Hall: 10 Stand information:
McHale V6760 Fully Automatic Variable Chamber Baler
McHale V6760 Fully Automatic Variable Chamber Baler
In designing the new McHale V6760, user friendliness was at the forefront of the machine’s development. The McHale V6760 is the highest spec machine in the V6 range. This fully automatic machine is ISOBUS compatible with the option of using McHale’s ISO-PLAY 7 or ISO-PLAY 12 terminals, to allow the operator experience the highest level of customisation and machine performance.

With a focus being put on operator comfort and friendliness, McHale still ensures the reliability and heavy-duty build quality that McHale is renowned for remains. Building on the reputation of the current V6 range, McHale has added the following features to the V6760:

Higher Intake

The new V6760 features a 5-tine bar cam track pick-up as standard or a 6-tine bar cam-less pick-up with a double crop roller is available as an optional extra.

The pick-up choices on the McHale V6760 have a number of features which allow for higher intake. The newly designed lateral feed augers direct the crop into the large diameter rotor which allows for maximum throughput.

Adaptive Intake

The McHale V6760 comes with an Adaptive Intake which has been specifically designed to allow the intake area to automatically adjust to changes in material flow. The design of this intake area has a number of advantages;

  • It automatically adjusts to the volume of crop which allows the machine capacity to be maximised in light and heavy rows / swaths.
  • The intake area automatically adjusts to allow the machine to better handle uneven and lumpy rows / swaths.
  • Better crop intake.
  • Less chance of blockages occurring.



1000 RPM Gearbox

A 540 rpm gearbox is equipped on the V6760 as standard. To optimise machine performance, a 1000 rpm gearbox is available as an optional extra which provides the following advantages:

  • The 1000 rpm gearbox results in an increase in PTO speed with a substantially reduced torque. This reduces the sharp loads on the drive line, providing the clutch setting with 10% more capacity which reduces the risk of blockages and provides more throughput.
  • The option to select a lower PTO speed (if available) on the tractor for easier restarts in the unlikelihood of blocking.
  • For lower tractor engine speeds and best fuel efficiency, the 1000 rpm gearbox can be run at an optimal speed range of 900-1000 rpm.

ISOBUS Compatibility

The McHale V6760 is ISOBUS compatible as standard. McHale ISOBUS machines can be plugged into any ISOBUS tractor connection and operated via the tractor’s own terminal in the cab. If the customer wishes to operate an ISOBUS controlled machine with a tractor that is not ISOBUS compatible, they can do so through the McHale ISO-PLAY 7 or ISO-PLAY 12 terminal which are available as an optional extra. An additional tractor wiring loom is required to do this.

Other new features on the McHale V6760 include:

  • The new Intelli-Chamber Control increases the opening and closing speed of the chamber, which helps to contribute to higher productivity of the machine. The variable chamber opening height has also been adjusted to suit the bale diameter and increase the ejection speed of the bale for maximum output and operator comfort.
  • Electronic variable density pressure regulation, results in increased bale density. This is due to the higher loads exerted on the bale at optimum stages of the bale formation.
  • Load cell bale shape indicators fitted on each door lock measure the bale load on each side, and displays accurate bale shape feedback to the operator.
  • The McHale V6760 has a hydraulic bale kicker which lowers or raises as the chamber door opens or closes. This allows the bale to be ejected with more momentum, clearing the door swing zone.
  • The new net system has a larger brake, allowing for 25% more stretch which improves performance when baling in high densities.
  • When connected to an ISOBUS tractor, the V6760 will auto unblock by lowering the drop floor automatically once the software detects a blockage. Once the operator restarts the PTO and the blockage clears, the drop floor will automatically rise to its original position.
  • Automatic drop floor reset comes as standard on the V6760 when using ISOBUS or an ISO-PLAY terminal. If a blockage occurs, the operator can press one button on the control console which lowers the floor. After the PTO is re-engaged and the blockage is fed through, the drop floor will automatically rise, and the knives will reset to their original position.
  • The automatic knife drop feature is available on the McHale V6760 and can be enabled by the operator using the control ternimal in the cab. This allows the operator to chop the crop until the bale is almost complete, at which point the machine will automatically drop out the knives. Depending on the feeding method, this improves fodder distribution, keeping the bale neater when the net is removed.
  • On the McHale V6760, to ensure effective operation and a consistent chop length is achieved, the operator can set a knife cleaning cycle to run at desired intervals. This prevents the knives getting jammed when not used for prolonged periods.


To learn more about the new McHale V6760 fully automatic variable chamber, please contact your local McHale representative or visit us at LAMMA show at Hall 10, Stand 310

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