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17 Nov 2021

Mchale V6 Variable Chamber Baler

Mchale V6 Variable Chamber Baler
McHale V6750 Variable Chamber Baler

McHale V6 Variable Chamber Baler Range


Over a decade ago, McHale launched the McHale V6 range of variable chamber balers at Agritechnica in 2009. Over time, these machines have developed to provide higher output and density and at Agritechnica 2019, the new McHale V6 range of variable chamber balers was launched to the world market - the McHale V6740 non-chopper baler and the McHale V6750 15 knife chopper baler.

The new McHale V6 variable chamber baler range possess a number of key features:

  1. Higher Intake
    1. New Pick-Up with a choice of cam track or cam-less to choose from.
    2. Larger lateral feed augers
    3. Larger Rotor
  2. Adaptive Intake
  3. Selectable Knives
  4. Drop Floor Unblocking System
  5. Two bale chamber options with higher density.
  6. High-Performance Netting System
  7. Automatic Greasing
  8. New Panel Design
  9. Expert Plus Control Console
  10. Bale Kicker

The new McHale V6 variable chamber baler range is fitted with heavy-duty components ensuring long life, high levels of reliability and a machine that is rugged enough to handle the toughest of crops and ground conditions.

Martin McHale, McHale Marketing & Sales Director said;

“The McHale V6 range of variable chamber balers are recognised worldwide for making well-shaped, high density bales. Our new V6740 & V6750 have brought baling to a new level with higher density, better intake, less crop loss and easier maintenance.”

The features of the new McHale V6 variable chamber baler range are outlined below:

  1. Higher Intake

The new range of V6 machines feature a new pick-up with a 5-tine bar cam track pick-up or 6 tine bar cam-less pick-up option with double crop roller to choose from.

This new pick-up on the McHale V6 range of balers has a number of new features. McHale have increased the size of the lateral feed augers which direct crop into the rotor while also increasing the rotor diameter to improve intake. The angle at which the floor is positioned has also been redesigned to maximise the flow of crop into the chamber.

  1. Adaptive Intake

All balers in the new V6 range come with a new Adaptive Intake which has been specifically designed to allow the intake area to automatically adjust to changes in material flow.

The design of this floor has a number of advantages;

  • Better crop intake
  • Less chance of blockages occurring
  • Floor automatically adjusts to allow the machine to better handle uneven rows / swaths


  1. Selectable Knives

As standard, a 15-knife chopper unit is available on the McHale V6750. With all 15 knifes engaged on the McHale V6750, a theoretical chop length of approximately 65mm can be delivered. Knives in the V6750 baler can be engaged and disengaged from the tractor cab.

An optional selectable knife system is available which consists of two knife banks that allow for various knife configurations to be chosen to allow 0, 7, 8, or 15 knives to work. 

  1. Drop Floor Unblocking System

As baling conditions are not always ideal, uneven swaths can occur which can lead to blockages. The McHale variable chamber baler range is fitted with a drop floor unblocking system, which means blockages can be fed through in three simple steps.

  • Should a blockage occur, the sound of the slip clutch alerts the operator, who can hydraulically lower the floor from the tractor cab.
  • This widens the feed channel and on re-engaging the PTO, the blockage can be fed through.
  • The floor can then be reset to its original position and baling can resume.


  1. Bale Chamber

As standard, all machines in the V6 range come fitted with 3 heavy-duty endless belts. A full width single belt is a new option that is available for users to choose from which reduces crop loss in crops such as Lucerne and Alfalfa where there is a lot of protein in the leaf. 

All McHale V6740 machines are fitted with a Primary Drive to aid belt and material rotation. On the McHale V6750, a secondary drive is fitted. In difficult conditions, such as wet short grass, should the primary drive slip, the secondary drive will engage to ensure material rotates in the chamber.

  1. High Performance Netting System

This high-performance netter is extremely reliable and features endless net adjustment, capacity to take rolls of net up to 1300mm in width and 180° wrap around on the feed roller to prevent any net slippage while feeding.

A simple yet very effective netting system compromising of a moving roller allows the roll of net to rotate as it is being applied to ensure even net application. The operator can adjust net tension on the control console without having to leave the comfort and safety of the tractor cab.


  1. Automatic Greasing

Manual Greasing Blocks are available as standard on the McHale V6740 and V6750 models. The McHale V6750 variable chamber baler has the option to be fitted with an Automatic Greasing System. This system delivers a measured amount of grease around the baler every time a bale is ejected from the bale chamber.

  1. New Panel Design

Visually, the new range of V6 variable chamber balers feature a new look with twin skin durable panels that now open upwards to provide better access to the machine’s components.

  1.  Expert Plus Control Console

The McHale V6 variable chamber round baler range is fitted with a new Expert Plus Control Console, which has a large graphic display. From the control console, the operator can adjust the following from the tractor cab:

- Core Size & Bale Size

- Core Density & Bale Density

- Revolutions of net being applied

The new Expert Plus console, also gives the operator the choice of selecting a soft or hard bale core, depending on the customers feed out requirements.

A new bale shape indicator provides a more accurate reading of the bale shape. This sensor detects the movement of the belt which indicates live information to the driver via the control console regarding which side of the chamber to fill.

  1.  Bale Kicker

A heavy-duty bale kicker ensures a clean separation between the machine and the netted high-density bale on the McHale V6740 & V6750 balers. All machines are fitted with a bale discharge sensor, which notifies the driver when the bale has left the bale chamber and has passed over the bale kicker.

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