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20 Dec 2022

McHale Pro Glide R310 Non-Conditioner Mower

McHale Hall: 10 Stand information:
McHale Pro Glide R310 Non-Conditioner Mower
McHale Pro Glide R310 Non-Conditioner Mower
Following a direct request from the market, McHale’s design team have combined their specialist knowledge to develop this new range of non-conditioner mowers. The McHale Pro Glide R310 is fitted with a 3m cutter bar to provide a cutting width of 3.1m using a 7-disc bed.

The McHale Pro Glide R310 utilises proven technology from the conditioner mower range and benefits from a number of novel features which result in better ground following ability and quicker reaction times to changes in ground conditions.

Kieran Hughes, UK Sales Manager for McHale

“Our conditioner mowers have established themselves in the world market as a premium product over the last number of years, but some customers are requesting a plain, non-conditioner mower, so following customer feedback we are launching the Pro Glide R310 on our stand at the Lamma Show.

This heavy-duty non-conditioner mower leaves a clean-cut crop and stubble to produce quality forage. Our team of engineers have designed the mower to provide superior floatation over rough ground using the same 3D Ground Tracking Technology as our conditioner mowers. I feel these mowers offer a number of unique features which will deliver better ground floatation ability and a clean quality cut.”

The new R310 non-conditioner mower is equipped with a number of common features as standard such as unique patented ground following technology, adjustable ground pressure control and robust bed design which make these mowers a smart choice for farmers and contractors alike.

3D Ground Tracking Technology

Similar to the conditioner mowers from McHale, the Pro Glide R310 utilises the same 3D Ground Tracking Technology to provide excellent ground following capabilities to deliver superior floatation. The 3-dimensional ground contour tracking allows the mower to easily mow on rough or undulating terrain and still deliver optimal results.

Most rear mowers have a central pin which only allows the mower to move left and right and not to adjust to changes in ground conditions. The McHale Pro Glide R310 mower is different in that it is fitted with a patented 3D ground tracking suspension unit which delivers better cutting performance by allowing the mower to move independent of the tractor in the following movements:

  • Move left and right
  • Move forward and back
  • Let the cutter bar move back and up if it collides with an obstacle

The 12° forward/back movement of the mower ensures a precision floatation of the cutter bar for a clean cut in all ground conditions while the 17° left/right movement means the cutter bar smoothly glides over humps and hollows.

The floatation of the cutter bar is achieved using a large compensating spring to provide excellent ground following. This easily adjusted pressure system delivers a superior cutting performance in a quick and simple manner.

If the mower comes in contact with an immovable object, the mechanical break back will be triggered. The break back will swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle before the spring-loaded design automatically returns the cutting unit to the original working position when clear of the obstacle.

Cutter Bar

The cutter bar on the Pro Glide non-conditioner mower is powered by a heavy-duty, right-angle gearbox which is positioned behind the inner top hat. In comparison to using drive belts, which can slip in heavy crop, the direct drive ensures an even and continuous distribution of power across the gears in the cutter bar.

The design of the rounded low profile front edge lets the fully welded cutter bar glide smoothly over the ground. The slanted leading edge of the cutter bar allows for clean forage separation and reduces ground contamination even when working in lodged crops and wet conditions.

Large heavy duty 25mm spur gears take the PTO power and transfer it to the discs. Each individual disc is driven by a smaller spur gear. The spur gears which drive the individual discs are mounted forward on the cutter bars which deliver maximum cutting performance even when working in lodged crops.

The mowing discs are specifically designed to maximise crop flow. Each mowing disc has its own individual protective safety mechanism, if a collision occurs, the mechanism will shear in order to protect the drive.

The quick-change blades are angled at 10° to ensure a clean and even cut. They are also free to spin 360° which makes them self-cleaning and stops them fouling on the knives on neighbouring discs. The knives orbit with a generous overlap, which ensures a clean cut and a smooth flow of cut material is discharged to the rear of the machine.

For transportation, the R310 mower folds vertically to position themselves behind the centre point of the tractor for safe transport. This transport position allows for the mowers to distribute their weight evenly across the rear of the tractor for ease of transport on the road while also providing the driver with a clear view of the rear-view mirrors.

For more information on the McHale Pro Glide R310 or any McHale machine from our product range, visit our stand at LAMMA in Hall 10, Stand 310 or contact your local McHale representative.

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