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06 Dec 2022

Krone presents updated EasyCut B 950 Collect

Krone UK Ltd Hall: 19 Stand information:

Krone has launched an updated version of its 9.45m butterfly combination mower, with new Iso-bus compatible operator control and hardened skid wears.

The EasyCut B 950 Collect is a non-conditioning mower with 450mm merger augers. First introduced to the market five years ago, this lightweight and compact mower has been revamped by the German manufacturer to enhance versatility.

The main improvements include an IsoBus compatible terminal for optimum operator control. This allows for full flexibility for the type of swath being left behind and gives the driver the option to independently lift or drop each mower arm from the cab.

The decks behind the augers open and close hydraulically for convenient selection of one of the three modes from the cab: swathing, independent swathing or no swathing.

The sturdy augers are powered by a right-angle gearbox and revolve at a consistent speed of 750rpm, giving maximum efficiency and productivity. Arranged closely behind the cutter bars, these augers feed large volumes of crop in a consistent flow from the mowers to the middle of the combination, forming a tidy and uniform swath that can be cleanly gathered by following harvester or baler.

The EasyCut B 950 Collect now also has hardened wear-skids as standard. These extra wide skids reduce the ground pressure and offer effective protection of both the cutter bar and the sward.

Further developments with the operator in mind, include an added lever on the nearside guard. This lifts the mower hood for easy maintenance and has increased the space between the mower and the tractor, making for easier access to the tractor linkage.

This lightweight mower is ideal for tall crops such as ryegrass, or more delicate crops such as lucerne, that may usually get blocked or damaged when put through a conditioner mower.

Technical data:

Work width:                             9.45 m (incl. front mower)

Transport width:                      2.99 m

Transport height:                    less than 4.0 m (at 20cm ground clearance)

Number of discs, top hats:      12/4

Cross augers:                          Standard fit

PTO speed:                             1,000 rpm

Spool requirement:                 1 load-sensing spool (for the ISOBUS-compatible Comfort control required)

Dead weight:                           2,980 kg

Tractor power:                         from 118kW/160hp


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