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05 Apr 2022

Finally Chance to Unveil Lockdown Projects

Finally Chance to Unveil Lockdown Projects
JF Hudson Ltd Compact Front Box
The countdown to LAMMA is on and the show can’t come soon enough for one exhibitor. JF Hudson Ltd is looking forward finally showcasing new products to visitors in May.

The countdown to LAMMA is on and the show can’t come soon enough for one exhibitor.

JF Hudson Ltd is looking forward finally showcasing new products to visitors in May. The North-Yorkshire based manufacturer and machinery dealer launch their range of Compact Front Boxes and Silo Crab at the show.

Unable to travel for demonstrations, they put confinement to best use to hole-up in the workshop and focus on product development. As specialists in bespoke design and manufacture of agricultural machinery and attachments, they came up with practical kit that helps farmers be more profitable.

During lockdown, they constructed Compact Front Boxes that attach to a front linkage when folded up, to solve the problem of lack of storage space within the confines of a tractor cab. The boxes allow operators to safely carry all they need to make the most of their time out in the field. The second lockdown invention is the Silo Crab, an attachment for a materials handler/loader built for collecting leftover material from the feed fence designed to give dairy and beef farmers greater control of their operational costs.

Owner and Managing Director James Hudson said:

"On the plus side, lockdowns did offer a good opportunity to get in the workshop, now we are looking forward to getting the new products in front of people at LAMMA. You want to share what you have been working on with farmers so they can get using it.

“There is satisfaction in developing products that are practical and problem-solving. We know the Compact Front Box and Silo Crab serve a purpose and will work well for people. They both save time, money and hassle. They cut wastage and will improve the general day-to-day efficiency of your farming operations.”

The company is showcasing the full range of Compact Front Boxes at the show. The front mounted boxes can accommodate and protect all the tools and equipment needed out in the field. They offer a large and secure space to store a wide variety of essentials from grease guns and baler string, to fuel and oil, spray and herbicides, to water and seed.

The range provides the additional space to prevent running back and forth to the farm to top-up, cutting downtime and unnecessary expenditure. The Wrap, Twine & Net model is designed for silage and baling season so farmers and contractors can equip themselves with the right quantities of materials to maximise their time out in the field.

Operator safety is a key factor taken into consideration in the design of the boxes. The low-profile design provides excellent stability and a good line of sight. The front linkage when folded up ensures the box is kept as close to the tractor as possible to prevent it from sticking out and obscuring vision, a particular potential danger pulling out of fields and gate posts. With contents safely stowed away in the enclosed box, this also removes the danger of flying objects if a tractor rolls over.

The Silo Crab’s innovative design was recognised during lockdown being Commended at the British Dairying 2021 Cream Awards. As noted by one of judges, Paul Tompkins, the Silo Crab’s application stood out immediately to any dairy farmers who had spent too much energy on manually sweeping feed passageways – “This innovation offers a tool to farmers that is simple [and] straightforward but offers a practical time-saving solution and can help improve cow performance.”

Using the Silo Crab leftover feed can be gathered and weighed, allowing farmers to calculate the total intake. Adjustments can then be made to the next feed based on what the cows consumed and therefore need. By monitoring feed intakes, instead of relatively expensive guesswork, the Silo Crab makes it possible to keep surplus to an absolute minimum.

Products aside, JF Hudson Ltd are also looking forward to LAMMA for other reasons. James says:

“It is an enjoyable and fun event. Agriculture is very social, so it'll be great to get back to some normalcy and reconnect with people. You can’t beat the atmosphere of a good show, you come away buzzing.”

"People in the sector are very resilient and innovative, there’s been a lot of changes and developments within agriculture so we are also looking forward to seeing what other exhibitors will be showcasing."

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