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Control Box 5.7 – The Multitasking Wonder

APV Technische Produkte GmbH Hall: 19 Stand information:
Control Box 5.7 – The Multitasking Wonder
Control Box 5.7 – The Multitasking Wonder

If you want to operate two seeders in parallel and independently of each other, the Control Box 5.7 is the perfect choice for you. In addition to operation of the PS 300 M1 D TWIN through an additional adapter cable it is also possible to operate two standard seeders from APV. The Control Box is compatible with any sensor system.

For combined use of two PS modules with electric fan or two MDPs, observe that there is a possible reduction of air capacity due to greater power consumption.


  • Regulation and monitoring of the seeding shafts through the electronics
  • Electronic adjustment of the spread rate during operation
  • Emptying
  • Automatic calibration test (only weighing!)
  • Calibration test: option of displaying in kg/ha and seeds/m²
  • Calibration of the speed
  • Headland management (in conjunction with lifting unit sensor)
  • Automatic adjustment of the spread rate to the forward speed (in conjunction with speed sensor)
  • Implement monitoring (in conjunction with implement sensor systems such as pressure monitors and a fill level sensor for each seeding shaft)
  • Pre-metering
  • Calibration test directly at the implement (in conjunction with the calibration button)
  • Regulation of the electric fan
  • Independent controlling of up to two seeding shafts and an electric fan
  • Total hours counter and daily hours counter
  • Total hectares counter and daily hectares counter
  • Selection of different languages

In use with:

  • PS 300 M1 D TWIN
  • Single use or parallel use of:
    PS 120 M1
    PS 200 M1
    PS 300 M1
    PS 500 M2
    PS 800 M1
    PS 1200 M1
    PS 1600 M1
    PS 120 M1 D
    PS 200 M1 D
    PS 300 M1 D
    PS 500 M2 D
    PS 800 M1 D

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