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Agriweld: Enabling a one-pass system

Agriweld: Enabling a one-pass system
The Assist
Agriweld’s expanded range of cultivation equipment has provided farmers with 3 model options to assist in enabling a one-pass system.

The Assist, ASL and the Mantis have been designed to reduce tillage processes by enabling a one-pass system. This provides farmers with the opportunity to optimise investment decisions and reduce crop establishment costs.


The ASSIST – Rear mounted, low disturbance toolbar

Primarily, designed to work with a trailed drill/cultivator, the leading straight, serrated disc cuts through the trash creating a path for the following leg. The discs and legs lift out of work independently to the drawbar so not to affect the drawbar height of the drill.

The Assist lifts and shatters the soil across the full width of the machine, alleviating compaction whilst still retaining precious moisture and allowing for nutrient ingress up to 300mm deep.

The 6m Assist provides the ability to interchange disc and leg centres, either having 12 legs at 500mm centres or 8 legs at 750mm centres, of which the change is easily performed with our own ‘hook-on’ leg socket design.

The 6m machines ‘Tight Turn’ feature enables easy turning on the headland by partially folding the wings, allowing for a trailed implement to pass under the machine. The leg lift and wing folding features operate on the same hydraulic service, meaning when the legs have fully lifted out of the ground, the wings will begin to fold in sequence, allowing for this.


The ASL – Rear mounted, low disturbance toolbar

The ASL low disturbance toolbar is primarily designed to run in conjunction with a mounted combination drill. The ASL provides an alternative to the Assist, with the auto-reset leg’s low disturbance points lifting and shattering to 300mm deep and alleviating compaction across the full width of the machine. With options available to suit all requirements, growers are provided with the ability to source a system that works for them to subsequently reduce their crop establishment costs.

The ASL is available in 3m rigid, 4m rigid, and 6m folding models. The 3m and 4m models are complete with a cut through PTO shaft to run through the frame as standard (PTO not included), while the 6m model comes with stabilising wheels and without the cut through as standard. Each model is complete with CAT3 Walterscheid hooks for mounted/combination drills.

The option to add a PTO cut through on the 6m model is available, as well as optional gathering discs on all models to help prevent soil spillage onto previously worked land. The ASL can run in conjunction with a trailed drill, however the ‘Tight Turn’ feature is not available on the 6m model to offer affordability options for all. Catering for trailed drills/cultivators too, this tool bar offers an optional drawbar clevis for all models in the range.

Turn your drill into a one pass system simply and effectively with this toolbar.


The Original Mantis – Front mounted, low disturbance toolbar

Primarily designed for use in conjunction with a combination drill, the innovative Mantis front mounted toolbar is designed to lift and alleviate compaction, create drainage and promote soil structure. The 460mm serrated, straight cutting disc cuts through the top layer of soil and trash, allowing the following leg to pass through without great disruption. The following leg combined with a GLS point as standard, drives through the opening left by the disc at a maximum depth of 300mm. The angled wings on the point then lift the soil before it sits back down causing a shattering effect across width of the machine, alleviating compaction, aerating the soil, and aiding water infiltration with minimum disturbance to the topsoil surface.

The Mantis acts as a ballast weight on the road and when the drill is lowered into work, restores balance. Swivel legs allow the tractor to steer while in work and our innovative Snap-Bar shear leg protection is standard on all models.

Models available in 3m, 4m and 6m working widths.


Always working to provide the tools to keep you ahead in the field, the ASSIST, ASL and MANTIS toolbars will be on display at LAMMA 2022; Hall 7, Stand 7.940.


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