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  • SlurryKat Expand Duo Dribblebar Range

    15 Nov 2019 Darren Bailey

    Industry leading equipment manufacturer SlurryKat, have just launched a completely new Duo (Dual Purpose) Dribblebar range ahead of this year’s upcoming umbilical season.

  • SlurryKat Grows its Panterra Range

    15 Nov 2019 Darren Bailey

    The new Panterra trailer range consists of two lines, low loader trailers and drop side general purpose trailers.

  • Composed of two dissimilar metals, bi-metallic plates are bonded by explosion welding, a cold precision explosion that retains the best properties of both metals. NobelClad bi-metallic plates are renowned for the reliability and strength and are available in over 260 metal combinations.

  • Brothers Noel and Ger Hickey from Co. Waterford in Ireland have created an alternative drive system for vacuum-type slurry tankers rather than the traditional PTO system.

    The brothers’ new retro-fit drive system, called SafeShaft, replaces the tanker’s original mechanical drive (PTO) with a hydraulic drive system and mounting assembly.

    The Hickey brothers were concerned that the mechanical PTO (Power Take Off) systems are notoriously dangerous if the protective guarding is damaged or missing. 

  • Oko Tyre Sealants

    14 Nov 2019 Chris Ring
    For the first time, OKO is exhibiting at LAMMA – but for many years, farmers have relied upon our products to avoid downtime, expensive tyre repairs and early tyre replacements. If it doesn’t just say ...
  • Organic Farming

    14 Nov 2019 Tracy Townsend

    This mono-pitched structure, located in Reading, has been especially made for Hempen. A specialist farming company that produces organic hemp superfoods, CBD supplements & hemp cosmetics.

    Due to the complexity of there farming methods, they required a building that would optimise the available space without slowing down the process of production.

    After a lot of discussion, we were able to design a building that met the customers specification and requirements, without exceeding their budget.

  • UK debut at LAMMA for the new McCormick X7.624

    14 Nov 2019 McCormick UK & Ireland
    A new range of more powerful stepless transmission tractors will be represented by the top model in a new-look line-up making its UK debut on the Argo Tractors stand at the LAMMA show in January. The ...
  • Can-Am aims to influence new generation of farmers at LAMMA 2020

    Can-Am ambassadors Tom Pemberton (Tom Pemberton Farm Life), Oliver Roberts (Olly’s Farm) and Hannah Jackson (RedShepherdess) will be taking centre stage at LAMMA 2020 (7-8 January 2020) on the Bombardier Recreational Products’ (BRP) stand 6.820 to present the versatility, efficiency and innovation of the new 2020 Can-Am off-road line-up.


  • Hartlebury, UK – Bepco UK has taken major steps forward to retain its position as an industry leader in the wholesale supply of agricultural parts and accessories, while drastically reducing the environmental impact of its commercial operations.

  • See immediate benefits from our automated stacking process with improved operational efficiency, less personnel, constant workflow, improved moral and super product stacking results.

  • Set up in 1979, Murray Machinery Ltd operates from its base in Aberdeenshire, manufacturing material handling attachments for telescopic handlers, tractor loaders and forklifts. For the last 40 years they have been supplying dealers throughout Scotland, the UK and abroad.


  • Technology and tyre specialist Continental has launched a new range of advanced agricultural tyres at Agritechnica. The tyre has a tread pattern that maintains grip in the field and offers a quieter, more comfortable driving experience on the road. It also includes pressure sensors to help the operator reduce soil compaction in the field and reduce wear on the road.

  • Rygor set to showcase Unimog and X-Class at LAMMA 2020

    07 Nov 2019 Kate Ruberry-Shoemack
    This year the Dealer will be showcasing the prolific Mercedes-Benz Unimog, alongside the mighty X-Class pickup – both fantastic vehicles for agricultural businesses. Whether it’s agriculture, roads an ...
  • New CrossCutter Disc for Carrier XL

    07 Nov 2019 Andrew Gamble

    Vaderstad’s CrossCutter Disc will be launch at this years LAMMA show and will be available on the new Carrier XL 425-625 from November 2019, allowing this versatile cultivator to work at ultra-shallow depths of only 3cm as well as down to 5cm across the full working width of the machine.


  • Farmer's Tyre Ltd

    06 Nov 2019 Chris Steele
    Sam Moreton & Sons is a long established family farming business based near to Leamington Spa, in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside In response to wet farming conditions in 1981, Les Moreton b ...
  • A great pleasure for us today as our SitePRO Grapple has been officially registered as a Hardox® In My Body product by SSAB. The process to achieve this status for the SitePRO has been a long one, ver ...
  • Land drainage and the benefits it offers have been highlighted over the last few months on many UK Farms.  Significant rainfall totals in many parts of the UK week after week have led to stuck machine ...
  • McVeigh Parker at LAMMA 2020

    04 Nov 2019 Steve Ball

    McVeigh Parker Showcasing Triple X - Bespoke All-Steel Fencing System

  • KUHN Farm Machinery will launch a new range of large square balers at LAMMA 2020, exhibiting the SB series with increased capacity and higher density baling.

    On show for the first time in the UK, the series includes the SB 890 (80 x 90cm bale size), the SB 1270X (120 x 70cm), the SB 1290 (120 x 90cm), and the extreme density SB 1290iD (120 x 90cm).

  • OPICO launches new interrow cultivator

    01 Nov 2019 Helen Selkin

    Growers looking to reduce their dependence on herbicides have a range of new tools to choose from to help combat weed issues, as OPICO launches a complete range of Hatzenbichler inter-row cultivators.

    Austrian firm Hatzenbichler is well known for its comb weeders, grass harrows and seeders which have been brought into the UK by Lincs-based OPICO since the mid-1990s. And, although the manufacturer has been building inter-row cultivators for 65 years, it’s only recently that precision guidance technology has made them a realistic option for mainstream arable production.

    “We’ve traditionally sold most of our comb harrows to organic producers wanting to control weeds in broad-acre combinable crops and to vegetable producers looking to reduce herbicide usage,” explains OPICO managing director James Woolway.

    “However over recent years, with cost pressures and herbicide resistance developing more and more conventional growers are showing an interest.

    “Technology has moved on too – camera guidance on steerage hoes means it’s now possible to cover decent acreages in a working day. While this has initially seen biggest take-up with those growing row crops such as beet, vegetables and maize, we’re now getting enquiries from cereal growers looking at moving to wider row spacings specifically to provide them with the opportunity to integrate some sort of mechanical weed control in their system.”

    To that end, OPICO is now introducing a complete range of inter-row cultivators to complement the Hatzenbichler harrow line-up. With working widths stretching from 3m right up to 18m, there are different variants to suit different crops and row spacings.

    The principle for all versions remains the same – tines mounted on parallelograms with individual depth wheels run between the crop rows, they cultivate the soil surface slicing through weed roots leaving unwanted plants to die on the surface.

    There are a choice of points and tines which need to be matched to the job in hand – A-shares mounted on S-tines for deeper work or duckfoot shares and L-blades mounted on the specially designed Hatzenbicher Vibro-tine. On top of that there is a whole raft of additional options including plastic finger wheels that flick out weeds in the crop row and crop protectors that shield delicate plants from soil throw.

    Camera-controlled row guidance is provided by a special headstock which has an integrated hydraulic ram to provide up to 250mm of side-shift in either direction. Oil is sent to either left or right by the camera controller, ensuring the tines run as close to the crop rows as possible without hooking out plants.

    While the heavy metal is made in Austria, the clever technology comes from a small specialist firm in Bedfordshire – Tillet and Hague. The company has been developing camera guidance systems since 1995 and supplies different systems to different manufacturers all over the world.  The big advantage to OPICO customers is that they’ll have a UK-based company providing the back-up for this critical technology.

    The Tillet and Hague set-up has two distinct advantages that set it apart from other systems on the market. Firstly it’s able to take a feed from two or more cameras which means it is able to provide a higher level of accuracy, particularly at row ends and where there are drill misses or overlaps. Secondly, the software is able derive a speed measurement from the cameras (called visual odometry) so that it is not dependent on a GPS or radar feed.

    To bring an extra level of precision there’s also the option of sprayer-style GPS section control. With individual hydraulic rams on each parallelogram linkage, the Muller ISOBUS controller is able to lift individual row units as they reach previously cultivated ground. This is a particular benefit when working in fields with angled headlands – the system is able to detect when the hoe shares are reaching the end of the run and automatically lift them out of work to avoid hooking out plants on the cross-drilled headland bouts. (See graphic).

    “While inter-row cultivators provide the best means of chemical-free weed control in well-established row crops, comb harrows are an essential tool in battling weeds where the crop is not as well developed and where row-spacings don’t allow,” says Mr Woolway.

    “With working widths stretching to 27m, the Hatzenbichler range enables growers to realistically cover decent daily acreages with minimal wheelings.

    “With the right drill row spacings, the combination of tine weeders and camera-guided inter-row hoes can now provide a commercially-viable means of herbicide-free weed control, giving big environmental benefits, reducing chemical costs as well as helping to overcome resistance issues and satisfying the requirements of supermarkets and government agencies to reduce pesticide usage.”

    The full Hatzenbichler range of inter-row cultivators and comb harrows will be on show at LAMMA 2020, OPICO stand, Hall 6 Stand 6.230.

    • Ends    -

    For more detailed technical information please contact James Woolway on 07850 355140.

    For images and other queries please contact Helen Selkin on 07535 266 452

  • Leaving other companies to procrastinate and protest during unsettled times, the agri and construction air conditioning parts specialist remains focused on growing its export market, which currently e ...
  • Albutt Shear King Shear Grab - Ejector

    29 Oct 2019 Robin Normington
    Market demand for an ejector function in our range of Shear King shear grabs has led to the development of a hydraulic push/eject system. This can be retro fitted to existing shear grabs or specified ...
  • Albutt Bag Filling Bucket

    29 Oct 2019 Robin Normington
    The Albutt Bag Filling Bucket is the ultimate time saving attachment for use in busy yards. It allows the quick fill of tote bags with heavy free flowing material such as sand, aggregate, gravel etc. ...
  • Albutt Site Pro Grapple

    29 Oct 2019 Robin Normington
    The Albutt Site Pro is the ultimate site clearance attachment, offering unrivalled strength and durability not previously seen in the European market. The unique design, featuring a complete Hardox bo ...
  • Albutt Yardscraper for Telehandlers

    29 Oct 2019 Robin Normington
    The Albutt Telescrape Yard Scraper offers a fully floating design to scrape uneven surfaces. Designed for use on Telehandlers and Tractor Loaders, it offers greater advantages over conventional, light ...
  • Albutt Folding Grass Fork

    29 Oct 2019 Robin Normington
    The Albutt Folding Fork is designed to maximise the potential of your clamp machine. By featuring wings that close during road transport, the Folding Fork can spread its wings for clamp use and such c ...
  • Albutt Buckrake - Hardox Tines

    29 Oct 2019 Robin Normington
    The Albutt range of Heavy Duty Buck Rakes are designed for use with high horsepower tractors or loading shovels. Tractor horsepower requirement is 160hp rear linkage and 180hp front linkage. Front lin ...
  • Albutt High Tip Bucket

    29 Oct 2019 Robin Normington
    The Albutt ‘WA’ range of High Tip Buckets are based on an ultra heavy duty design – suitable for applications from muck to waste handling. Featuring a 6mm Strenx bucket shell and a Hardox 500 cradle, ...
  • Hidrostal provides an international processor of harvest fresh vegetables with the perfect pump for passing peas from production to our plates.

  • Combining half a century of manufacturing experience with intelligent design, Gibbons Agricultural bring their customers Airspears® that are highly effective and easy to use.

  • Gibbons’ Plug&Cool Pedestals sold in record numbers this harvest – popular for their durability and specially designed dual-adaptor sleeve. See them at their stand at LAMMA - Hall 8, Stand 8.700.

  • The Liquid Fertilizer LF 600 M1 was developed to make use of the advantages of our Pneumatic Seeders PS also for liquid applications. As a result, the localisation with solid stream or flat fan nozzles is maximised, which is mainly used for liquid and inoculant fertiliser. Key elements are: The control of the dosage, simultaneous use during the main work pass as well as the possibility to determine where and how the product is distributed with maximum precision. This increases the efficacy of the application such as fertilisation, microorganisms, plant strengthening, etc. Efficiency is increased by the simultaneous use of the LF 600 M1 with soil tillage/seeding - You save an additional field pass and therefore time, resources and money.

  • 2019 marked a significant milestone for Catalyst Computer Systems, as they celebrated 30 years since the company began trading. Throughout these 30 years, Catalyst has proven itself as an established writer and supplier of award winning business management software across multiple trades, including; agriculture, motorcycle, car, marine, caravan, logistics and retail.

  • IDS board level cameras with liquid lenses and autofocus

    15 Oct 2019 IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

    USB 3.1 Gen 1 board level cameras from the uEye LE family from IDS are available as variants with the use and control of liquid lens lenses. The cameras focus in milliseconds on different object distances – for millions of cycles, wear-free and without moving parts. This makes them particularly suitable for applications where the working distance changes frequently.

  • Transtacker 4100

    10 Oct 2019 Elliot O'Brien

    The all new, CTF compatible Big Bale Transtacker 4100 now boasts many new developments and improvments in comparison to its predecesor, some of which include a fully automatic operation system, part load functionallity and an uprated chassis. The new 'grab arm' design improves the machines ability to pick up bales removing un needed stress from the operator.

  • Landini at Agritechnica 2019

    07 Oct 2019 Landini Agri UK & Ireland
    Landini brings passion and innovation to Agritechnica Technological innovation and a passion for work are the distinctive features of Landini tractors, a brand of the Argo Tractors group that can coun ...
  • New powers, Stage V emissions and renewed design. McCormick, a blend of power and high technology from the multinational company Argo Tractors, takes another step forward at Agritechnica. New powers w ...
  • IDS announces more than 100 new USB3 Vision camera models

    01 Oct 2019 IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

    IDS is expanding its USB3 Vision camera range by more than 100 models in the coming weeks. The company integrates the entire range of Sony sensors in several camera families, which it currently already offers with a GigE Vision interface. With IDS peak, it also provides a new SDK for application development for vision cameras. IDS peak is entirely based on the standards of EMVA (GenICam) and AIA (GigE Vision, USB3 Vision) and simplifies handling and programming of these cameras.

  • High Density Bales

    01 Oct 2019 L Morton
    This year has been a pivitol year for Ken Mills Engineering (KME) and the updating of its agricultural product portfolio. Being approached from new customers to design and manufacture machinery to sui ...
  • As part of expansion plans to further develop a busy agricultural machinery dealership in south Yorkshire, Moore Farm Services has switched its tractor franchise back to McCormick. The change-over coi ...

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