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12 Dec 2023

Watermaster Pump

Robert H Crawford & Son Hall: 17 Stand number: 912
Watermaster Pump
Watermaster. The #1 floating, self priming pump

The Watermaster pump is lightweight, easy to use, reliable and most of all moves water FAST! 

Watermaster pumps; the #1 floating self priming pump. Moves water fast! The 5.5 HP heavy duty industrial motor delivers a massive 190 936 L (42,000 Imp. gallons) per hour!

WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump is the best choice because it’s:

  • Lightweight: DRY WEIGHT 37.5 kilograms 
  • Easy to use: just set it on the water and start it up!
  • Fast: at 3183 L (700 Imp. gallons) per minute
  • Strong: built with a heavy duty 5.5 HP heavy duty industrial motor, 4-cycle engine and a 4 to 1 reduction
  • Reliable: the screw on 31.75 cm (12.5 in) impeller and gear will not slip off
  • Well made: WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump is made using only North American parts
  • Self-contained: no need for electricity or auxiliary tractor power
  • Low-cost to operate: WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump’s small petrol motor keeps output costs low
  • Versatile: large inlets and specially designed impeller allow the pump to easily handle almost any liquid from water to sludge, anywhere you need to remove water: fields, sloughs, pot holes, recreational areas
  • Portable and easy to set up: WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump is so easy to use, it is ideal for diverse job sites 

Invaluable for the agriculture & construction industries, golf courses, emergency services to name but a few! 

NOW available in the UK; exclusive to Robert H Crawford & Son. Come and see us Hall 17 Stand 912 and benefit from our exclusive show offer! 

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