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Veltron portable infrared heaters

Veltron International Ltd Hall: 18 Stand number: 406
Veltron portable infrared heaters

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🔥 Exciting News: Introducing the 2023 Veltron Portable Infrared Diesel Heaters! 🔥
🔹 New Design: Sleek and modern, ready to fit any space.
🔹 New 3 inch wheels in all models: For enhanced portability and ease of movement.
🔹 New Display: Clearer, sharper, and more user-friendly.
🔹 Patented quick fuel tank removal system.

Why Choose Veltron Infrared Heaters:
✅ Affordable Efficiency: In an era of rising electricity costs, our products are the most cost-effective solution: for businesses and small manufacturers who are looking to optimize their expenses and also private users.
✅ 6 different models, including our patented DHOE-250F and DHOE-350F, these heaters stand out for their innovative design. Equipped with a built-in ventilator, they are engineered to disperse heat more rapidly in big spacec and efficiently, providing quick and effective warmth in any setting.
✅ No Smell or Smoke: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and smoky emissions. Experience a cleaner, greener heating solution.
✅ Fuel Flexibility: Whether you're a fan of regular diesel or lean more towards biodiesel, our heaters support both, offering you unparalleled flexibility.
✅ Economical: Most energy-efficient with minimal fuel and electricity consumption.
✅ Efficient Heating: Radiates heat effectively, warming up spaces from 33m2 up to 400 m² or 6000m3.
✅ User-friendly: Features a digital control system, remote control, and is ultra-quiet at just 32 dB.
✅ Easy maintenance
✅ Can heat large spaces quickly and efficiently.
✅ High safety standards with seventeen security elements.
✅3 year warranty

Performance Metrics You Can't Ignore:
🟢Efficiently heat a 33-400 m² room with one diesel heater, even when it's freezing outside. DHOE-250F with outdoor temperatures at +0 °C, achieve a warm and inviting +15 °C indoors, consuming a mere 3-5 liters of fuel daily.
🟢Our heaters don't just warm the air; they radiate heat, warming materials in the space, which in turn radiate warmth back, ensuring an all-around cozy atmosphere.

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