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05 Jan 2024

The unique Hanskamp Walk-Through extended FeedStation for Dairy and Beef cattle

Hanskamp Hall: 18 Stand number: 668
The unique Hanskamp Walk-Through extended FeedStation for Dairy and Beef cattle
Many feeding stations require cows to exit backwards. Cows outside the feed station regularly bump into them, damaging their udders and legs. A cow entering the herd backwards cannot defend itself and suffers stress as a result. Also, the claws are often unnecessarily stressed by the turning movement the cow makes to leave the feeding station.

The FeedStation Walk-Through extended has an entrance and exit so the cow can follow its natural path and always move forward. On the entrance side there is a anti bulling gate (L’port) which will close after the first portion of feed is dropped in the trough. After finishing the last portion the cow can walk out forward and next cow can come in. The open character of the FeedStation Walk-Through extended ensures each cow keeps in contact with the herd. Thus teaching them how to use this FeedStation is no longer necessary as cows see from each other how it works. When a cow walks out of the FeedStation through the front, another cow can walk in from the back thus giving optimal cow traffic. On the Walk-Through extended FeedStation you can go up to 4 different feed sorts and a liquid feed. The feeders can be linked with every feeding computer in the market or customers can choose for the Hanskamp Spider feeding computer. The Spider system can read 95% of the tags in the market also ear tags FDX and HDX. Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the growth and health of your animals? The Hanskamp ScaleUnit offers an innovative solution by weighing animals while they are in the feed station. This advanced technology allows for collecting accurate weight data for individual animals, resulting in better-informed decisions and more efficient management on your dairy farm. This ScaleUnit, developed by Hanskamp, provides a valuable tool for dairy farmers. Weighing animals while they are at the feed station significantly enhances insight into their growth and overall health. This enables dairy farmers to quickly and accurately assess if adjustments are needed in the animals’ feeding regimen.

The unique advantage of the ScaleUnit is its direct impact on the decision-making process of dairy farmers. Regularly collecting weight data helps detect any deviations or issues at an early stage. This allows the dairy farmer to make quick corrections and take preventive measures, ultimately leading to healthier and more productive animals.

Using Hanskamp's ScaleUnit not only means an improvement in the health and performance of your herd but also an optimization of your business results. With accurate weight data at your fingertips, you can make well-informed decisions based on concrete information. Invest in the future of your dairy farm with the Hanskamp ScaleUnit and increase the efficiency of your operations today.

For more information please look at our website or visit us at the Lamma, DairyTech or Beef Expo.

Hanskamp is a technical innovation company based in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. The focus here is on higher animal health, better animal welfare and more ease of work for the dairy farmer. We develop and sell practical solutions for dairy farmers throughout the EU and beyond.

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